At a whopping 93 ounce face weight, Purchase Green’s Nature’s Sod Premier product is by far our heaviest artificial grass product. A good rule of thumb when it comes to artificial grass is the higher the face weight, the thicker and more durable the grass. Nature’s Sod Premier literally has more fibers per square centimeter than all of our other products. Not only is Nature’s Sod Premier thicker than our other grasses, it is made from our highest quality yarn. Thiolon yarn. Thiolon yarn has a spine, which increases retention (grass bounces back after being walked on for long periods of time), and it increases durability. Animals are no match for this product. Thiolon yarn will work similarly to a sunflower in the sun. When the spine heats up, the fiber stands up! If you’re a customer that loves to entertain in their beautiful backyard, this spine is your new best friend. No matter how much foot traffic, the grass will always bounce right back instead of staying “matted”. Nature’s Sod Premier is stocked in 13.1 X 50 foot rolls and is currently sold at $3.65. It has a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years too! Check out this installation of our Nature’s Sod Premier product in Toluca Lake, not only does the grass look great, but it actually makes the backyard look even better!

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