There’s a popular expression in business that goes like this: If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. It’s a concept we believe in at Purchase Green. We’re always working to innovate and improve our customers’ experiences. A few years ago we completely overhauled the Purchase Green website. And while we were very happy with the results, as soon as the new site was online, we started thinking about what was next.

For more than a year we’ve been actively working on creating an online experience for our customers that more closely mirrors the in-store experience. Ultimately, what we’ve found is that we’re at our best when we’re helping our customers identify not only their needs, but the specific products to meet those needs.

The stunning new showroom at Purchase Green of Murrieta.

The stunning new showroom at Purchase Green of Murrieta.

If you’ve been to any of our showrooms recently, you’ve seen the physical manifestation of that effort. A few months ago, we unveiled our all-new Knowledge Base, which we rebuilt from the ground up to provide answers to any question a customer might have about our products and how to install them.

Now, we’re extremely pleased to be launching our new product pages. We know most of our customers visit with a primary goal of seeing our grasses. Sure, a few of you may visit solely to read our outstanding blog entries – but for the majority, they want to see the merchandise.

Our new product pages reflect our showroom mission of helping each customer find the perfect grass for him or her. To do that, our new products pages feature video content about each grass, a better photo selection and more information presented in a much easier-to-digest fashion.

Now you can easily determine what applications a particular grass is good for or how much foot traffic it’s been designed to accommodate. You can get a sense of what a grass will feel like, how it was constructed or whether it features our Cool Yarn technology. Want to read about our Lifetime Warranty? It’s there. You’ll also find our return policy, lead test results and individual grass specifications all on one page.

And we’re not done yet. We’re working on a lot more to help make your Purchase Green experience better still. Whether in-store or online, we promise to offer you the best products, the prices and – most importantly – the best customer service.