Have a small backyard, but want to give it a big upgrade? Here are our ideas for making those tiny spaces beautiful!

Colorful Patio Cover

Kicking it off with this Vista Natural 65 DIY out of Dallas! A small patio space is instantly elevated with this beautiful emerald bicolor.

L-Shaped Love

This small and shady backyard is the perfect candidate for some Field Spring artificial grass. The natural look ties in the whole backyard! Good work, Purchase Green Denver!

The Cute Patch

Even with a nice-sized backyard, a smaller patch of grass can tie together the whole landscape. This Fescue Supreme is perfect for kids to play!

Pretty in Pavers

If you have a pool taking up most of the backyard, don’t think there’s no room for turf! We love the use of artificial grass in between the various pavers in this yard.

Short Game Side Yard

Have a long, narrow space in between the house and the fence? A putting green could be what you’re missing! This Phoenix install uses Vista Sport fringe and Emerald Putting Green to fill the space.

Dressing up the Tree

This Spring FescueSan Diego install is the perfect pairing with a beautiful fruit tree. So simple, so sweet.

A Little Turf for a Little Dog

A backyard consisting of mostly patio or rock is still an AWESOME option for a little artificial grass. PG Stockton installed this Nature’s Sod Platinum patch.

Run Dog Run

A dog run is a great way to exercise those pups while making the yard look beautiful all year long. PG Phoenix installed this Spring Fescue Pet Pro run, and you can too!











And there are our top 8 landscaping ideas for small backyards and outdoor spaces! For even more great ideas, check out this blog post.

If any of those ideas seem like a good fit for your yard, let us know! Our artificial grass experts would be happy to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your needs.