Logistical pain points have existed in the artificial grass industry for several years now. Expensive shipping container fees and backups at the port are challenges familiar to industry professionals – but supply chain disruptions are now impacting us globally. Big and small businesses alike are experiencing increased material shortages and delivery delays. And despite best efforts to remain competitive and continue to meet consumer demands, many are struggling. Building and landscape materials, for instance, are one of the most heavily impacted segments of the nation’s economy.

Fortunately, Purchase Green’s business model focuses heavily on local market distribution, and we have built our operations around that central point of our value proposition. But what exactly does this mean for our customers and other businesses we support?

Let’s dive in…

More Landscape Materials, Delivered Faster

The success of a retail business is often reliant on proper inventory management and efficient warehouse operations. But in the current economic environment, materials are limited, and distribution operations have been disrupted.

However, automated inventory management tools and custom sales forecasting reports enable Purchase Green to stay ahead of the game. Along with support from the organization’s four Market Distribution Centers – located in Northern and Southern California, Texas, and Florida – Purchase Green maintains an inventory of 4 million square feet of turf at all times.

These distribution centers stock all 35+ of our retail storefronts so that we can continue to deliver much-needed landscape materials to local residents, contractors, and business owners.

Better Landscape Materials at a Lower Cost

With the use of Purchase Green’s two U.S. manufacturing facilities in Dalton, Georgia – totaling over 672,000 square feet of factory space – the company has significantly increased labor and production efficiency. The latest product batches are then subject to robust testing through our in-house performance lab, ensuring that our proprietary formulations and systems deliver as promised.

As a result of our position in the industry as one of the largest importers of artificial grass goods in the nation and the largest landscape materials distributor in the U.S., Purchase Green is able to take our competitive margins and pass on those savings to our customers.  This means that you will always get the best products at the best prices, delivered with the best customer service.

Why Choose Purchase Green? 

The global pandemic and issues abroad have impacted much of our nation’s supply chain issues. Now more than ever Purchase Green has been able to showcase its robust infrastructure and commitment to serving its stakeholders. Utilizing assets such as automated inventory tools, readily available stock of material, custom sales forecasting reports, and four market distribution centers, Purchase delivers the highest quality landscaping materials at the industry’s best pricing.  Find out more about how Purchase Green can alleviate your supply chain issues at: https://www.purchasegreen.com/