What if you were free from having to mow your lawn? What if you were free from having to water and fertilize it? What if you and your loved ones were free to spend more time enjoying your outdoor spaces?

On July Fourth, Americans will once again come together to celebrate Independence Day. It’s one of our great, shared traditions – gathering with friends and family to revel amidst grilled food, cool drinks, spectacular fireworks and, most importantly, to wish a happy birthday to the United States.

Two hundred forty-one years ago, we declared our independence. Americans desired to be free of tyranny, of oppression and of subservience. Our Founding Fathers initiated a Great Experiment – what would happen if people were free to live as they saw fit? For nearly two and a half centuries, the experiment has continued.

At Purchase Green, we’re conducting our own experiment. What would happen if we could help people transform their lawns into something extraordinary – something that gives them back water, money and time?

We got started with our first store back in 2009 (it’s no 241 years, but hey). We had this idea that we could help people get free of onerous landscape maintenance, of high water bills and costly fertilizers, pesticides, oil and gasoline. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of customers as we’ve grown to more than 50 locations across the US – with more on the way. It’s makes us think our experiment is resonating with people.

Today, most of us feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Most of us probably also feel we’re not as free as we’d like. After all, it’s easy to become beholden to all kinds of things – to long hours at work, to getting the kids to soccer practice, to working out at the gym, to cleaning the house and to keeping the lawn looking great. It’s a lot of work and it’s hard.  That’s where Purchase Green can help.

Artificial grass from Purchase Green can help you carve out a little more time, save some of your hard-earned money and win back a little more freedom. And, for the cherry on top, you’ll help conserve water while reducing gasoline spills and carbon emissions because, you know, no lawn mower!

So, this week, as you contemplate being free and independent, consider transforming your lawn into a landscape you’re free to enjoy. Because at Purchase Green we believe that helping families spend more time enjoying their lawns is something worth celebrating.