As you may suspect, we’re rather fond of artificial grass here at Purchase Green. One might even argue it’s our favorite thing but that would be incorrect. Our favorite thing is transforming our customers’ lawns with artificial grass!

That transformation process usually happens one of two ways – either through a Do-It-Yourself project (we’ll tell you everything you need to know to, you know, do it yourself, by the way) or through a professional installation. Whether DIY or professional, many folks ask us what the installation process is like. We’re pretty good at painting a word picture and our website already has some great videos that detail the process but if you’re pressed for time we’ve got something just for you.

Recently the expert installation team out of our Purchase Green San Dimas store completed two beautiful artificial grass installations and captured both on time lapse video. Now you can see the complete installation process from two unique projects in just over one minute! Enjoy!