Imagine you’re heading home from a grueling day at work and you have a few minutes before you must get your kids to soccer practice. As you slog through traffic you remember you are low on milk, so you make a quick stop at a grocery store. But then you get to the milk aisle and discover that, instead of a displaying the price of the milk, a placard suggests contacting a store associate for milk pricing information. You would be justifiably annoyed.

If you’ve been shopping around for artificial grass it’s likely you’ve encountered something similar. Many of the other companies selling artificial grass won’t tell you upfront how much their grass costs! There are any number of reasons why they choose to do this to potential customers, but we don’t want to speculate. What we can say with certainty is that here at Purchase Green, customer service is our priority so everything we sell has its price listed as clear as day. Whether online or in-store, we refuse to waste your time by not revealing the prices of our products.

Service, Not Sales

Since Purchase Green was founded, we’ve been guided by a simple principal of offering the highest-quality artificial grass at the best prices. What we don’t do is try to persuade you to buy our grass. Instead, we believe in educating our customers, understanding their project goals and identifying the right product to meet their needs.

That’s why our stores are not staffed by salespeople. Our stores are staffed instead by Purchase Green employees who believe in our mission of customer education. Our grass does a great job of selling itself. We know it’s awesome because we manufacture it that way. What we also know is that most people find it irritating to put in time and energy researching a product only to have the actual cost of the product withheld.

If you were looking at the window sticker of a new car you wanted and instead of displaying the price you were instructed to email your contact information to the dealer, you’d be forgiven for moving on to a different dealership.

Providing great customer service is about much more than simply being nice. Many of the salespeople hired by our competitors are probably very nice folks. The true nature of what it means to provide customer service is right there in the name – to act in service of the customer. Making you jump through a bunch of hoops just to find out the price – well that simply isn’t our idea of serving our customers.

At Purchase Green we believe providing great customer service includes making available everything you might ever want to know about artificial grass – both on our website and in our stores. And we’re working hard every day to make that information even easier to get, to understand and to use in your decision-making.

Honesty, integrity and transparency…that’s the Purchase Green way.