We are so excited to announce our Natural Fusion line of artificial grasses! This family has four grasses that each have their own awesome qualities. They are

Let’s break them down!

Natural Fusion Olive & Natural Fusion Spring

Natural Fusion Olive and Spring are very similar but have a few key differences. They both come in 13.1′ wide rolls, have a 67oz face weight, a 1.8″ pile height, a double layer primary backing, and a polyurethane secondary backing. That polyurethane secondary backing is going to be more pliable, it’s going to be easier to cut, and it’s going to be more practical than other secondary backing systems in colder weather climates. Other secondary backings are going to be more rigid.The main differences between the two are their blades, colors, and construction.Natural Fusion Olive has three different colors that give it a more natural look, and Natural Fusion Spring has four colors.Natural Fusion Olive is constructed with two blade shapes – W and Diamond – while Natural Fusion Spring has three blade shapes – S, V and Diamond. That extra blade shape in Natural Fusion Spring is going to help increase durability and memory while also giving that extra color for a more realistic look.Natural Fusion Spring is also going to be more durable due to being made of C8 copolymers as opposed to Olive’s C4 copolymers.

Natural Fusion 50 & Natural Fusion 80

Natural Fusion 50 and 80 also have the double layer primary backing with the polyurethane secondary backing, and they come in 15′ wide rolls. They both have three blade shapes – S, M, and Diamond – that give both of these grasses four different colors. And like the Natural Fusion Spring, they are both made with C8 copolymers.

As you can probably tell from the name, these two grasses vary in their face weight. Natural Fusion 50 has a 50oz face weight while Natural Fusion 80 has an 80oz face weight. How do these differences in face weight come about? Natural Fusion 50 has a lower face weight because it has a wider 1/2″ gauge and a shorter 1.5″ pile height. Natural Fusion 80 has a higher face weight because of its narrower 3/8″ gauge and taller 1.9″ pile height.

What is that difference in face weight going to mean? In terms of aesthetics and function, denser grasses can appear more natural, and they tend to have better memory. With the less dense, shorter grass, you have a more ideal situation for pet owners. The shorter pile height and wider gauge are going to help with mitigating those pet odors that can get caught up in the fibers, and it’s going to reduce the appearance of matting patterns with whatever traffic will be on the grass.


Each of these grasses will have a recommended activity level of low to moderate traffic, and they’re all going to be great for landscape, pet, and playground applications.

If you have any questions about Natural Fusion, feel free to reach out to your local Purchase Green store, or live chat with an artificial grass expert on our website. And you can also check out the product pages for each of the products for a full breakdown.

For even more info about the new grasses, watch the video below.