Of course the grass you chose is incredibly important for your application. The accessories you chose are what makes it look its best and last its longest. Think, the structure of the house, without it, the house wouldn’t last through hard weather. Accessories serve a similar purpose. Let’s review a couple of our star accessory products.

Infill is recommended market wide, its ability to protect the backing of your grass should be convincing enough. Infill also provides the grass with better memory retention, so whether you have little foot traffic or a lot, you can be sure your grass will bounce right back and won’t stay matted down! Infill also weighs the grass down. During the seasons, the grass will expand in the heat and contract when it cools down, infill helps prevent the grass from looking like carpet that needs to be stretched. There are many types of infill, so it’s best to ask a representative at Purchase Green for a recommendation.
Choosing the right type of nails is also very important! Purchase Green recommends and sells 5″ bright common nails for securing your field or lawn. Bright common nails are the ideal nails for a turf installation because they are designed to perform BETTER over time. Bright common nails, after installed, rust about halfway through, this is a good thing. That rust actually binds the base to the turf backing and creates a stronger bond and a more permanent install. Just think every time it rains, your lawn is becoming more and more secure.
Purchase Green’s disinfectant is also great. It comes in a 32oz size and 1 gallon size. This is the “hidden gem” accessory, hands down. The disinfectant is very important for the longevity of your grass surface. For families that have dogs that like to go to the bathroom on the artificial grass, the grass will start to contain some of the bacteria which will cause it to smell. This disinfectant is great because it actually has bacteria-eating enzymes and continuously works long after you’ve applied it. The enzymes will continue to eat until there is nothing left for them to feed on. It is 100% safe for dogs and kids and leaves behind a fresh, clean smell.
Accessories are what helps your grass look its best and last its longest. You’ve just made an investment in your lawn, these accessories will help you get your money’s worth and more. All of these accesories are available for purchase at any Purchase Green location as well as on our website, www.purchasegreen.com.