Artificial grass is a great solution for homeowners looking to reduce the time and money spent on landscape maintenance. If you’re looking to maintain artificial grass and keep it looking good, there are actually a few tips to keep in mind if you want your lawn in top condition for years to come. Make sure to also read our new “Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide” eBook for all there is to know about maintaining artificial grass!

1. Preventative Measures for Easy Turf Maintenance

Maintaining your artificial lawn is an easy task made even simpler when you’re sure to follow essential preventive measures, such as installing a weed barrier or applying a pre-emergent product before installing sub base to help prevent weed growth, as well as using sufficient amounts of an antifungal and anti-bacterial infill for areas with pets to prevent odor build-up – infills such as Purchase Green’s Mellowfill and Herofill.

2. How to Get Rid of Protruding Weedsweeds in artificial grass

However, if weeds do protrude, we recommend using safe topical solutions that have a pH balance between five and nine, as required for the product warranty. Products such as Natria and BioAdvanced have solutions listed with pH balances between 6 and 8, but we advise reviewing their Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before purchasing. Nevertheless, the hard truth is that, given the right conditions or if your yard is prone to weeds, there’s a possibility that they will still grow. This won’t be the case for most, but for some it will.

3. How to Remove Pet-related Odors

If your yard happens to develop an odor from pet urine, Purchase Green’s Turf Bomb, an enzymatic deodorizer and disinfectant, is a non-toxic and hypo-allergenic topical solution made to remove odor build-up from turf. Turf Bomb comes in two sizes – a 32 oz bottle with a spray nozzle, and a one gallon replacement jug. 32 oz will cover approximately 1,500 square feet, and one gallon covers approximately 6,000 square feet. We recommend using Turf Bomb at least once every two weeks, but depending on the number of pets in the area or their size, you may need to apply Turf Bomb more frequently; and you will only need to spray the affected area, rather than the entire yard. Check out the above-linked product page for pricing, a comprehensive how-to and product FAQs.

4. Brushing to Remove Wear Patterns and Matting

Lastly, the most common way to maintain artificial grass is brushing, which helps prevent matting patterns from forming over time due to heavy usage. Purchase Green’s Turf Broom has long nylon tines that can reach deep into artificial grass fibers, helping you to “freshen up” your lawn, or even as an installation tool to help apply infill between the grass blades. These nylon tines are important to distinguish because metal tines, very common in landscape rakes, are abrasive and will damage the turf. Moreover, certain fiber shapes will have a lower “memory” performance and can show matting patterns quicker than others, so we recommend brushing as often as you feel it’s necessary; though, for larger applications or areas with extra stubborn matted fibers, we suggest using a power broom to get the job done thoroughly and much faster. Purchase Green locations will have power brooms available for either purchasing or renting. If you’d like to learn more about artificial turf memory and the steps you can take to prevent matting, check out our informative video on the topic.

As you can see, artificial lawn maintenance is substantially less demanding than maintaining natural sod, and adhering to these preventative and proactive care tips will ensure a beautiful and long-lasting installation.

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