Want to Install Artificial Grass on Your Concrete Patio?

Not all artificial grass installations have to be in your yard. It can make a fantastic patio rug, permanent or temporary. In fact, that’s what artificial grass really is: a specialized outdoor rug!

While most of our advice is geared towards helping our customers make the most of their grass in their yard, here, we’re going to show you how to install artificial grass on your concrete patio.

Basic Installation Prep

The first step to any installation is to figure out how many square feet of turf you’ll need. Once you know that, you can select your artificial grass. This process is best accomplished with the help of our turf experts, but, if you’re looking to start the process for yourself, take a look at our blog post about it.

Now comes the tricky part of determining how to secure the grass.

How to Install on a Concrete Patio

In a permanent installation, concrete would be less-than-ideal. For temporary artificial grass, though, concrete is perfect – easy, even.

Step 1: Unroll and Rough Cut

If you’re working with a square or rectangular patio, you’re in luck! Grass comes in 13′ and 15′ wide rolls, so you won’t have to do much more than roll it out and cut off the overhang.

If your patio isn’t so geometrically simple, you might need to do some careful cutting and seaming. To get started with seaming, first lay your grass out on the patio. Then, trace an outline of your patio with chalk (or something that will wash off) on the grass.

Now, it’s time to rough cut. Using a box cutter or a specialized tool called a turf cutter, make a rough cut around the area you traced, leaving 1-2 inches of safety outside the line.

Now, make your final cut. Cut slowly and steadily along the chalk line you drew.

Step one complete!

Step 2: The Glue Down

Now that you’ve got your grass cut to the exact size and shape of your patio, you can begin securing it. There are two methods we recommend for this, depending on how long you want to keep your grass-patio. First is double-sided seaming tape, and the other is seaming tape and seaming glue.

Double-sided Seaming Tape

Double-sided seaming tape is exactly what it sounds like. This method is best for those who want the ability to remove their grass with relative ease. It doesn’t leave a gooey mess and can be removed easily while still binding well. Seaming tape and glue, however, is more permanent.

To install with double-sided tape, apply strips of tape to your patio every 1-2 feet, and around the outer perimeter of your patio. Easy!

Seaming Tape and Glue

The seaming tape and glue method will keep your grass anchored for longer but requires a little more up-front work and different materials: single-sided seaming tape and glue. You’ll proceed the same you would for the first method, applying strips of tape face-down every 1-2 feet and around the perimeter. Next, apply seaming glue on all exposed tape. You need to put down only as much as it will take to cover the whole face of the glue when you spread it. You can spread the glue with a 2×4 or anything else you don’t mind getting gluey.

After you’ve laid your foundation of choice, the process of applying the grass is simple.

Get a friend to help you stretch the artificial grass in all dimensions. With the help of your friend, line up one side of the grass with the edge of your patio and apply it to the tape. Now, proceed to the other side of the patio. Give the grass another stretch so you can be sure there is no slack, and apply the opposite edge to the tape.

You’re done! Congrats! Now, get to enjoying your grass!

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