At Purchase Green, we always encourage our customers to compare artificial grass estimates from a variety of sources. When collecting and comparing estimates, be sure to consider the cost and value factors listed below, ensuring that you get the best quality for your hard-earned dollar. 

Factor #1: Artificial Grass Quality










The retail price of artificial grass mainly boils down to the amount of material required to make that product. Specifications such as face weight, total weight, and pile height are often the first indicators of cost rationalization. However, the material amount is not all that goes into producing high-quality artificial grass.









Purchase Green in particular uses special manufacturing technology to create unique grass yarns that provide different functions and aesthetics. Such as grass yarns that retain less heat, transfer less static electricity, and fight against bacteria. We also use a variety of backing materials to offer better solutions for those with specific performance needs. For example, there are certain backing materials that are easier to install in colder climates, are fully permeable, and backings that are more dimensionally stable for longevity.

Carefully compare your artificial grass estimates by looking at product specifications, as well as their features and benefits, then identify the cost you’re willing to pay for the quality.

Factor #2: Installation Methodology









Installing artificial grass does require a fair amount of skill and specific knowledge, so do not be afraid to ask your contractor about their installation methodology. Ask them how they hide seams or how they ensure your turf won’t wrinkle and bunch over time.

Purchase Green employees will often encourage customers to become familiar with the installation process. Knowing what you should expect from your contractor is extremely helpful as you shop around. Download our free DIY Install Guide to learn more about non-negotiable installation basics.

Factor #3: Installation Accessories









Certain landscape projects will require additional accessory items – the most common is a perimeter board. The perimeter line is the most vulnerable part of every artificial grass installation and is the first to show wear and tear. For landscapes that anticipate high foot traffic, contractors should be recommending a perimeter solution to create a more robust installation.

Purchase Green offers Landscape Bend-a-Board, Sub-Grade Bend-a-Board, or Wonder Edge as perimeter solutions, depending on the aesthetic you prefer. Perimeter boards can add between $0.30 to $0.50 per square foot to the total job cost.

Additionally, depending on the pile height of the turf you’re installing or the foot traffic you anticipate having, you may need more infill. Also, different materials are used for different seaming methods, too, which will impact the material cost in artificial grass estimates. 

Factor #4: Labor Obstacles


artificial grass installed around roots











Things like trees and roots, fences, large rocks, underground wiring for lights or other landscape fixtures, as well as poor site accessibility can impact your upfront cost. Pay attention to labor rates, as inexperienced teams could charge a premium for installing around obstacles they’re not familiar with. 

Skilled artificial grass installers should be able to install around root systems, fences, and wiring. However, even still, the extra time could potentially increase labor costs. Just make sure you’re hiring the right crew with the experience necessary for the job.

Factor #5: Installation and Product Warranties

Investigate what warranties different brands offer. How long and extensive is their installation warranty? Do they even provide a warranty on installation? What are the terms for their product warranty? For how long does their product warranty apply? 

Purchase Green in-house installation teams will offer standard installation warranties between 2-3 years, and all Purchase Green grasses (except for Ground Cover) will have a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty.

Ask About Payment Plans











As a final tip, ask if your contractor or service provider offers financing options. Programs such as Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions will partner with businesses to provide alternative payment options for their customers. Purchase Green offers two plans through Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions – plans 1019 and 1193.

In plan 1019, customers have 12 months to pay off their total cost with no interest. However, regular minimum monthly payments are required and a backdated interest rate of 28.99% will be applied if the total cost is not paid within the 12-month term. Plan 1193, on the other hand, charges a fixed 9.9% interest rate and requires a minimum monthly payment of 2% of the total job cost.

In order to qualify for Purchase Green’s payment plans, the total project cost must be a minimum of $1,500. Moreover, Purchase Green financing cannot be applied to commercial installations. To easily and quickly apply online, go here.

Other popular home improvement financing programs that you might want to research are PACE and Ygrene.


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