Just installed artificial grass in your yard? Well you’re saving yourself a ton of time, money and effort by eliminating mowing, fertilizing, and watering! We still recommend up-keeping your artificial grass through cleaning. Learning how to clean artificial grass will help ensure the longevity and performance of your turf!

Regular Cleaning

We recommend cleaning artificial grass each week if it sees heavy use or debris accumulation. Larger debris such as leaves or blooms can be easily removed with a rake or brush, while a hose will take care of smaller debris or dust. Grass surfaces that are used less frequently don’t have to be cleaned as often, but we’d still recommend giving it a quick rinse twice a month or so.

Got pets who are using the grass to relive themselves? Just make sure to hose down the areas that the pets use. This will help eliminate bacteria growth and odor buildup. If any stain-causing material ends up on your turf, then a quick spot clean will be in order.

Aside from that, give your turf a quick raking every few months using a lawn rake or a stiff-bristled broom/brush. Do be sure to avoid metal bristles as these can damage the artificial grass. This raking will help remove any debris that has gotten stuck between the blades of the grass.

While you’re raking, check around to see if the grass is getting flat in any areas. It’ll be easy to brush it back up with the rake/brush. Just run the brush in the opposite direction of the blades to re-position them back into their upright position.

Now you know how to clean artificial grass on a regular basis. These simple steps will keep your grass looking new, smelling great, and performing at top notch.

Periodically, say every year for residential uses, you’ll want to perform a deep clean on your artificial grass.

Clean artificial grass power broom

Deep Cleaning

You’ll want to watch out for bacteria/odor build up on your grass. Noticing any persisting odors? Try doing a turf-deodorizing using our Turf Bomb or other non-toxic cleaner.  Turf Bomb is non-toxic, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic so its safe for kids and pets, and is specially designed for synthetic turf use. Turf Broom will sanitize your artificial turf AND target any odors.

The most effective cleaning process is using a mechanical brush. Often referred to as a power brush or power broom, this device uses a brush of bristles that move by motor to thoroughly clean the artificial grass surface. This type of cleaning will help remove traffic wear patterns on your artificial grass lawn and restore it to a like-new appearance. It is effective at getting rid of flat spots or fixing grass that has begun to take on a matted look. Typically, with normal residential use and the regular cleaning mentioned above, this type of process will need to be performed about once a year.

Proper maintenance of artificial turf can help ensure that it remains in good shape over time. This process starts with regular cleaning based on a system of weekly rinsing, monthly raking, and spot-cleaning any stains. In addition to this regular cleaning, the longevity of the turf also depends on periodic deep cleaning. This typically involves the use of a power brush cleaner, which can help remove most of the debris from the surface while improving the look and feel of the turf.

Does that sound like a lot? Perhaps. But think about how much easier, faster, and cost-effective it is compared to mowing, know that you know how to clean artificial grass!

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