As a pet owner, you want to choose the very best for your furry friends. They’re practically family! When it comes to choosing the best artificial grass for your pets, Purchase Green is happy to help find that perfect fit.

Pet owners frequently come in with certain concerns about purchasing artificial grass for their pets, and our team is there to make sure that those concerns are addressed. We have pets, too! And we understand that purchasing artificial grass is a big decision. In this blog, we’re going to lay out some of the frequent topics that come up surrounding artificial grass for pets. 

Concern #1: Temperature

Artificial grass temperature is known to get warmer than natural grass. But the temperature only increases when in direct sunlight; ambient temperature has no effect on it. So if your application space is shaded, you’ll be in great shape for letting those pups run around on it all day long.If it’s not shaded, investing in a Cool Yarn grass would be the way to go. Our Cool Yarn grasses keep the grass 10-20% cooler by reflecting away the sun’s heat. A grass like Diamond Cool 50 will keep your pets’ paws safer from the heat.

Concern #2: Odor

If you have pets, you know that they come with certain…smells. What you don’t want is for those smells to linger in the air. That’s why when it comes to artificial grass, there are certain measures to take to prevent those unpleasant odors.First, a shorter, denser pile height will make the grass easier to clean as solid waste will remain on top of the blades. Avoiding a taller pile height will make cleaning a lot easier in the long run, even though shorter pile heights are thought to look less natural. See if Vista Sport/Pet is something you like the look of.Our grasses have great draining systems so as not to absorb liquids and keep them from getting through the backing. In addition to the type of grass, the infill type will greatly impact turf odor.We recommend choosing an infill like Herofill because it won’t retain moisture and it will help reduce ammonia buildup from pet urine. Avoid silica sand for pet applications as it will not help prevent odor.

Concern #3: Traffic

Durability is huge when it comes to pet turf. If you’ve got three big dogs running around on the lawn all day, then you’re going to need something that’ll hold up. Maybe a grass like Arizona Platinum would work for you.Just as you groom your pets, you’ll also want to groom your turf. Yes, that means brushing and washing it. Check out this blog we posted about how to clean your turf to get an idea of what it takes to keep your grass looking so fresh and so clean.If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach out to your local Purchase Green store and see what questions we can answer for you. And if you have any pictures of your pets to show us, we’d love to see them.

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