Very frequently our customers ask us, “how long does artificial grass last?” If you’re asking that question yourself, we have good news and bad news for you.

The good news is, there’s a short answer: “About 15-20 years.”

The bad news is, there’s also a very annoying long answer that begins with the dreadful, “It depends…”

Both answers are true, and both need some explaining. So let’s break it down. Just how long does artificial grass last? It depends…

  1. on your grass and infill selection for your application and
  2. on your installation.

If you’re a regular reader of ours, you’re probably saying, “Hold on, I’ve definitely read this before. You guys sound like a broken record!” Yes, we definitely do, but it’s because this stuff is all true and it all needs to be said! For new readers, stick with us and you’ll see what we mean. (Also, welcome!)

Impact of Grass and Infill Selection for Your Application on How Long Artificial Turf Lasts

Application is everything in maximizing your grass’s lifespan.

We offer thirty-seven varieties of artificial grass. That’s thirty-seven. Varieties. Of GRASS. And we’re adding new ones all the time! Why so many different types? Because there are as many applications. If there’s one thing you take away from this blog post, let it be that application is everything.

Application – how you intend to use your turf.

The Grass

Different types of turf are designed for different applications. Our sports turfs, for example, are designed with super strong backing systems and stiff blades so that they can stand up to the daily pounding of cleats, tackles, and other stuff that happens during a football game. For an elderly grandmother’s back yard, however, this grass would be total overkill. Likewise, our grandmother’s lovely-looking grass wouldn’t last a second if she decided to host high school football practice. Thus, matching your application to the right kind of grass will go a very long way towards maximizing your grass’s lifespan.

For more on application, see our knowledge base.

The InfillTiers of Infill

Infill is another important factor in this equation. You need the right kind for your application in the right amount. We usually recommend our Herofill/Mellowfill as the all-around best choice, but you’ll definitely want to discuss your options with one of our experts.

For more on infill, check out our blog post on Infill Options.

If you choose the right grass and infill for your application – pending no natural disasters or acts of God – artificial grass lasts to its full life expectancy.

Installation Factors that Affect How Long Artificial Grass Lasts

We mentioned in a recent blog post that a big factor in keeping your artificial lawn ultra-low maintenance is a proper installation. The same applies to maximize how long your artificial turf lasts.

For example, artificial lawns must have a well-prepared subbase. Subbase is the material that goes below the turf, providing a stable foundation that won’t contract and expand like regular soil. If the subbase isn’t installed or is installed incorrectly and the turf is exposed to your yard’s native soil, it will be forced to expand and contract as the soil does. Over time this will result in ridges, bubbles, and wrinkles in the grass – an ugly defect that can only be fixed by pulling up the turf and re-installing it.

We typically recommend a professional installation so you get it right the first time, saving money and grief down the road.

In Conclusion…

So how long does artificial turf last? Assuming you’ve installed the right turf with the right infill and the proper installation procedures, your artificial grass lasts to its full life expectancy.

If this all seems overwhelming, fear not!  Our experienced turf experts are ready to answer any questions you have and provide AWESOME guidance. Give us a call or stop by your local Purchase Green store!

For the nitty-gritty on all things artificial turf, see our knowledge base. 


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