When first installing artificial grass, grooming that turf to perfection is super important. Because our artificial grass is cut from large rolls, it is compressed down and requires some quick beautification when laid out.


The fastest and easiest way to perk that grass back up is to use a power broom. Though they may look intimidating, if you can use a vacuum, you can use a power broom. Power brooms will stand up those grass blades and reduce the look of matting. And it’s not just right after install! You can use a power broom to perk up those blades any time they’re looking a little sad. Typically, with normal residential use and the regular cleaning mentioned later in this article, this type of process will need to be performed about once a year.Purchase Green offers power brooms for rent or for sale. Depending on how much traffic your grass gets, you’ll be able to gauge if renting or buying is a better option for you.Or if you want a simpler option, larger debris such as leaves or blooms can be easily removed with a rake or brush, while a hose will take care of smaller debris or dust. Grass surfaces that are used less frequently don’t have to be cleaned as often, but we’d still recommend giving it a quick rinse twice a month or so. 


When developing a comprehensive cleaning plan for your turf, consider how it’s being used. The specific use of the grass will have an effect on the ways it should be maintained. When using artificial turf at a personal residence, priorities may include the cleaning of dog waste and ensuring a safe surface for kids to play. Another important factor is how much dust is in your area. For a dry, desert climate, in particular, regular cleaning is important.It’s critical to note that, no matter your turf’s use, periodic deep cleaning is essential to maintaining the look and feel of the surface.Maintenance of artificial turf fits into two categories: regular cleaning and more thorough deep cleaning or rejuvenation. In order to make sure your turf remains in the best shape, it’s essential that you clean it regularly, in addition to occasional deep cleaning.Best practice is to clean artificial turf each week if it gets heavy use or experiences significant dust or debris accumulation, such as leaves or blooms. If your artificial turf gets less use or dust is less of a factor, this cleaning can be less frequent, but rinsing at least twice a month is still recommended.In addition to weekly maintenance, it’s best to also do a more comprehensive cleaning either monthly or every three to four months if the turf gets infrequent use. Use a flexible lawn rake, or a stiff-bristled broom or brush (be sure to avoid metal bristles, since these can damage the artificial grass), to remove debris from the turf.

Deep Cleaning

You’ll want to watch out for bacteria/odor build-up on your grass. Noticing any persisting odors? Try doing a turf-deodorizing using our Turf Bomb or another non-toxic cleaner. Turf Bomb is non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic so it’s safe for kids and pets, and it is specially designed for synthetic turf use. Turf Bomb will sanitize your artificial turf AND target any odors.And hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to groom your artificial grass and keep it looking spick-and-span! Some regular upkeep with rinsing and raking, a monthly Turf Bomb-ing, and a power brooming once a year will have your grass lasting for years and years to come.For more info on grooming artificial grass, feel free to reach out to your local Purchase Green expert. Or check out this video below!

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