The days are getting longer and the weather is enticing you to spend more time outdoors. Summertime is when you’ll want to make the most of your yard, and take advantage of all the many ways you and your family can enjoy it.

Whether it’s just relaxing on the patio, having a friendly barbeque or letting the kids and pets frolic, you want your yard at its very best during the warmer months.

Advantages of Artificial Turf in Summer

Artificial grass has come a long way in recent years. It looks and feels much more like natural grass, which has increased its popularity among homeowners., the home improvement website from the National Association of Realtors, reports that “Synthetic grass for landscaping and recreation is growing 10% to 15% a year in the U.S.”

There are several very good reasons for that. Since fake grass no longer feels quite so “fake”, it’s possible to get the many advantages of using artificial turf without making a substantial sacrifice.

Water savings is another huge benefit of artificial grass, particularly in drought areas where water use is restricted. An artificial grass lawn will retain its beautiful green color throughout the hottest months of the year, without the financial or environmental costs of daily watering.

Maintaining Artificial Grass During Summer

In addition to not having to worry about watering to keep your lawn looking great, you also don’t have to worry about pets digging holes or kids dragging grass into your home or pool. And since artificial turf never grows, you don’t have to mow it or pay a landscaping service to maintain it.

What do you have to do in order to maintain your artificial grass lawn during the summer? Keeping up with lawn care is easy, and is generally limited to “occasionally breaking out the brush and the hose.”

Winds can blow debris into your yard, but a simple sweeping will remedy that. Pet waste has to be scooped, but the area can be quickly cleaned afterwards with a quick hose-off to will prevent odors or discoloration from developing.

Heavy objects or foot traffic in specific areas may result in the fibers getting flattened, but a little raking will bring them right back to their original positions. With minimal effort, you will be able to maintain a perfect yard that your entire family can enjoy this summer – including kids and pets.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Kids and Pets?

Not only is artificial grass so safe for kids to play on that it is used in playgrounds, but in many ways it is superior to natural grass lawns. Most of the pesticides and fertilizers that are used on natural grass are full of harsh, toxic chemicals.

Since children and pets are often in close contact with the ground, their exposure to the harmful ingredients is much greater. While there are natural and organic alternatives to these chemicals, these tend to be more expensive and often less effective.

Artificial grass does not require any toxic treatments to maintain, and is less likely to provide a home for insects like ticks and fleas. No muss, no fuss. Just lots of fun in the summertime.

Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot in Summer?

When artificial turf was first developed, the substances used could become unbearably hot after continued exposure to sunlight. However, there have been many generations of improvement since then. While it’s true that artificial grass does get somewhat warmer than natural grass in the direct sunlight, which does not mean it poses a significant problem during the summer months, even if you live in the desert.

Consider that artificial grass doesn’t retain heat once it’s out of the sun, the way that a sidewalk or road does, so it cools down very rapidly. By creating shaded spaces through structures like sun sails or through landscaping, you can ensure part of your yard is always cool.

There are other ways you can keep artificial grass cooler in summer, as well.

  • Using products which are less dense will allow heat to dissipate faster because more air can circulate between the fibers.
  • There are now temperature controlled fibers, often named something like “cool yarn”, that were developed specifically for heat resistant properties.
  • Like clothes, cars or anything else, darker colors will absorb more heat, so lighter colored fibers remain noticeably cooler.

One homeowner from the Arizona desert sums it up perfectly:

“It looks and feels great. And despite the extra heat (who goes outside midday in the summer, anyway?) we now can spend more time playing on our grass, instead of spending hours keeping it looking presentable.”

An Artificial Grass Lawn is Wonderful in Summer

Knowing your yard will stay beautiful with very little effort all summer make it easier for you to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. With an artificial grass installation, you can invite friends over for al fresco dining, allow children and pets to play freely, and make the most out of your outdoor space all summer without worrying about the condition of your yard.