The Purchase Green Knowledge Base is where we share with our customers everything we know about artificial grass. If you have any questions about our artificial grass products or how to install them, chances are the answers are in the Knowledge Base.

What is the Knowledge Base?

The Purchase Green Knowledge Base is our online repository of information that we’ve gathered over the years. We cover all manner of subjects in our Knowledge Base – everything from the types of yarns used to create specific products to installation methods to infill application. We’re big believers in educating our customers and we created our Knowledge Base for you!

How Does One Use the Knowledge Base?

We created the Knowledge Base by thinking like a Purchase Green customer. That’s why it’s divided into two sections: Products and Installation. Browsing through the Products section will provide you with information about each variety of artificial grass we carry – how the grasses are designed, what applications they’re suited for, foot traffic recommendations and information about Cool Yarn.

Within the Installation section you’ll learn about the various methods for installing artificial grass, whether it be for landscapes, putting greens, playgrounds, pet areas or sports fields. Plus, there’s sub-sections covering everything you might need to install artificial grass, including infill, nails, seaming tape and glue and any required tools or accessories.

There’s Even Video?

Yes! The Knowledge Base is brimming with videos that will take you, step-by-step, through the artificial grass installation process. We even feature videos about each one of the yarns we use to create our industry-best artificial grass.

Is the Information Free?

All the information on our website is free, including the mountains of amazing stuff in the Knowledge Base. We don’t need to sell you our artificial grass because we know our products are the best. When you experience them yourself you’ll agree – the grass pretty much sells itself. We’re much more interested in making sure you choose the right product to meet your needs.

Sure, we’d love to have you visit one of our 19 locations in person to chat with our staff but we know that is often be easier said than done. So if you can’t speak with us in person, our website is a really great alternative. We also know that if you’ve made it this far, clearly you’re at least considering artificial grass and we want to help make sure you choose the right grass for you.

So please, check out the Knowledge Base. It’s informative and – maybe – even a little bit fun!