It should come as no surprise that we’re pretty big advocates of artificial grass. But, believe it or not, the most important thing we do at Purchase Green is making every effort to educate customers. At Purchase Green our philosophy is that an educated customer will be equipped to make the best purchasing decision. That’s why we don’t try to sell you on artificial grass. Instead, we’d rather educate you so you get the product and service that’s best for you.

With that in mind, we came up with these five questions to ask yourself before you decide to buy artificial grass.

Why am I buying this?


It may sound silly at first but this is probably the single most important question to ask yourself. Obviously we can’t answer it for you – but we can provide reasons other customers have shared with us. For many Purchase Green customers, a desire to save water played a significant role in their decision to buy artificial grass. After all, a homeowner with 800 square feet of Purchase Green artificial grass can expect to save over 600,000 gallons of water over the useful lifetime of the grass!

For others, artificial grass is a means to reduce the number of hours spent maintaining their lawns. We’ve all got busy lives and for some people, freeing up a few extra hours on the weekend is worth the cost.

Some people simply want a lawn that looks great all the time and one that, outside the initial investment, doesn’t really cost anything to keep it looking amazing.

That’s just a sampling of reasons people decide to buy Purchase Green artificial grass. There are hundreds of others. Figure out your reason.

How much do I actually need?


If you happen to have a rather good-size lawn, you might think “Oh man, I really have to buy a lot of grass.” But do you? Artificial grass is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Just like natural turf, artificial grass blends beautifully with any variety of plants, trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers.

Maybe you have an unremarkable swatch of natural turf. Think of it as your canvas. Artificial grass may be just one component of a totally reimagined landscape. That’s one of the many great things about Purchase Green artificial grass – it doesn’t have to be about simply replacing natural turf with artificial. It can instead be part of a true landscape transformation.

What attributes are most important to me?


While all of our grasses share the same lifetime warranty, many are suited for certain purposes. Is durability more important to you than texture? Maybe realism is the most attractive feature to you. If you have children or pets, you may want a grass that blends performance and texture.

We carry a lot of different grasses to help you answer this question. Every customer has different needs and a different vision of what they hope to accomplish by installing artificial grass. By figuring out what you want your grass to be capable of you’ll ultimately make a better choice in the end. And of course our staff is happy to help you figure out which grass best suits your needs.

Will I install it myself or will I have it professionally installed?


Installing artificial grass is not a complicated process. It can, however, be a demanding one. We’re often asked if it’s suitable for do-it-yourselfers. The answer is – it depends! You absolutely can install artificial grass yourself. We have all kinds of educational materials that explain exactly what to expect and how to do it.

There are also plenty of good reasons to have your artificial grass professionally installed. Obviously a professional installation is going to cost more than a DIY project. So take stock of the size of your project, examine your project area for excessive roots or rocks, and be honest with yourself about the time and labor you’re willing to commit to installing artificial grass.

Our pros can install a small lawn in a single day. Doing that same project yourself may take several weekends. If you’re unsure, come visit your local Purchase Green and we’ll help you figure it out.

Can I afford it?


We can’t answer this question for you. But we do our best to ensure Purchase Green artificial grass is the most competitively-priced. Shop around – you will not find better-quality grass at better prices. That’s why our corporate motto is “the best grass at the best price with the best service!”

Many Purchase Green locations also offer financing. Plus, there are a number of programs such as the HERO Program, mPower, Ygrene and more that offer financing solutions for homeowners embarking on green energy and water conservation projects.

Whether you can afford it is a very important question to ask yourself. To help you figure out an answer, spend some time browsing the Purchase Green website. Visit our Knowledge Base and our Resources page. Look through our products section and check out all our remnants. And of course, be sure to visit your local Purchase Green store. We’re always happy to help.

By asking yourself these five questions you’ll be better equipped to figure out if artificial grass is right for you.