A few years back we introduced a new family of grasses we call the Arizona line. The grasses were meant to evoke the bold, unique and beautiful character of the Southwest. We knew pretty quickly we’d hit upon something really special as the popularity of our Arizona grasses soared. Let’s take a closer look at what it is that makes the Arizona family of grasses so special.

The first characteristic people tend to notice about the Arizona grasses is their vibrancy. All three Arizona variants – Arizona Pro, Arizona Platinum – Olive and Arizona Platinum – Spring – feature bicolor blades. When we say bicolor we’re talking about two shades of green (either darker olive or brighter spring) that together yield a rich and realistic color profile.

The second thing customers tend to notice about the Arizona family is the texture. These grasses are definitely not the softest we carry. They’re also definitely not the stiffest grasses. What they are is an ideal middle ground thanks to the Mini-W blade shape. You may not know it but each of our family of grasses has its own blade shape. Some are flat, some are C-shaped, some are V or S shaped. There’s many shapes and each shape offers certain benefits. The Mini-W shape offers a grass blade that is tall and thin yet surprisingly durable. The result is a somewhat soft grass that balances durability and performance.

Customers also tell us they like the length of the Arizona family. With Arizona Pro checking in at 1.7 inches and its Platinum siblings each boasting a 2 inch pile height, customers love the exceptionally natural look that results. Plus, interwoven into those tall, skinny blades is the tan thatch that helps deliver an authentic, southwestern-style appearance.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Arizona family also features Purchase Green’s Cool Yarn technology. Combine that with a great-looking grass that performs well in almost any circumstance and its really no wonder that across the Southwest, from California to Texas, the Arizona family continues to be one of our bestsellers.

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