Another Summer is nearly gone. Hot days turn warm, cool evenings turn cold. And your lawn goes from vibrant green to patchy and brown. But it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to Purchase Green artificial grass. With our huge variety of high-quality artificial grass, you can have a lush, green lawn all year long.

If you’re reading this then you’ve at least been considering artificial grass. But why should you make the switch and what can you expect? Well, when you visit your local Purchase Green showroom you’ll be greeted by our amazing staff who are eager to share with you the Purchase Green Experience. What you’ll discover is that at Purchase Green we’re really not interested in trying to convince you to buy our artificial grass. We’re much happier helping you identify your project goals and guiding you toward products that will best meet your needs. We’re so confident our products and prices are the best that we let our grass sell itself. That way we can devote all our attention to customer service.

People often ask why we care so much about customer service when we could just sell cheap grass at cheap prices. The reason is because we care about integrity, honesty and transparency. Which is why, for example, we list on our website all of our prices. Very few of our competitors do this – you can check for yourself. That idea never sat right with us. So we built our business differently. We manufacture our own products in high-volume so we can always offer our customers the best products at the best prices. And we also keep a massive, in-stock inventory so you can walk in with questions and, if you so choose, walk out with your artificial grass.

We’re always happy to set you up with a professional installation but we’re equally happy to walk you through the steps so you can truly do it yourself. There’s a lot of work involved in artificial grass installation, which is why many folks opt for a professional install. But a lot of work doesn’t always equate to complicated work. We’ll show you exactly what you need, and what you can expect, to tackle the project yourself – though having some friends to help is recommended!

Videos, ebooks, blogs, our Knowledge Base…everything we know about artificial grass we’re happy to share with you, too. If you don’t live near a Purchase Green showroom you can still learn all you need to know from our website. You can also order online, request a free quote and get free artificial grass samples sent to your door.

So as Summer ends and Autumn approaches, we invite you to Fall in love with artificial grass from Purchase Green. You’ll save water, money and time while being able to enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long. And now you can spend even more time outside thanks to our incredible selection of the most amazing solar landscape lights you’ve ever seen.

We hope to have the opportunity to guide you on a journey of transforming your lawn. And you can count on us to always be happy, helpful and happy to help – that’s what the Purchase Green Experience is all about.

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