When you visit Purchase Green – whether online, on the phone or in the store – you’re going to encounter some things you may not expect. You may be shocked. You may be confused. You may be flabbergasted. Given that, here’s our handy guide to help you navigate through your Purchase Green experience.

We’re Happy

Many people are taken aback by their interactions with Purchase Green employees. We’ve all been shopping before. We’ve all talked with store associates. So, when you encounter a Purchase Green employee it can be unnerving when you discover we’re actually really nice people. Although it may be uncommon elsewhere, at Purchase Green you’ll find folks who are smiling – with real smiles! – and who are genuinely pleased to meet you and shake your hand. It can be a lot to take in, but it gets stranger still.

We’re Helpful

As the old saying goes, it’s tough to find good help. Not at Purchase Green. Among the most unusual things about Purchase Green is the fact that the employees you interact with are legitimately interested in helping you. You may scoff at this notion. And that is totally understandable. But you can test it yourself. Give us a call. Use the chat feature on our website. Or visit a Purchase Green location. You will find, time after time, that every person you interact with wants to help you.

We’re Happy to Help

Believe it or not, we’re happy to help!

Happy? Sure maybe. Helpful? OK, it’s possible. But happy to help? Who is happy to help, you may wonder? Purchase Green, that’s who! We like helping you. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we come into our offices and showrooms and warehouses. We just figure it would be kind of awful to go somewhere for work and be miserable. And we figure it would be lousy to not want to help the very people who keep us in business. So, we don’t hire people who are miserable and who think helping customers stinks. We hire people who are happy, helpful and happy to help. It makes going to work a lot more pleasant and it makes our customers feel good about choosing us. It may sound strange but it’s true!

We Only Carry the Best Stuff

We could sell cheap, low-quality grass. We could try to get you to buy recycled turf that’s already been discarded. But instead, we thought it would be much more fun for everyone if we only sold the very best artificial grass products. So that’s what we do. And we know they’re the best because we manufacture them that way. You may be weirded out by going into our stores only to find we exclusively sell the best stuff. But our idea was – since, you know, artificial grass is an investment in your home and your lifestyle – that it just kinda makes the most sense to only sell the very best. We’ve found this strategy really dovetails nicely with the whole happy and helpful thing.

We Have the Best Prices

It’s true! We really are happy, helpful and happy to help!

Uh-huh…suuuuure. Now we’re just making stuff up to be strange on purpose, right? You’d be forgiven for thinking that. But this one is the easiest to prove. Come take a look at our products. Come learn about our services. Then take a look at the prices. And, as odd as it may seem, you’ll find that we do indeed have the best prices. We’re able to do that because we gave a lot of thought to the kind of company we wanted Purchase Green to be. So we built up a massive distribution network, we maintain a huge inventory of in-stock product and we scour the globe in search of the highest-quality materials. We put that altogether with our showrooms and online store and we’re able to give our customers the best products at the best prices. And with all our employees being happy, helpful and happy to help, we deliver the best customer service, too!

So yes, it can be pretty freaky when you first meet us. But we hope this short guide about what to expect has proven helpful.