Artificial grass is completely revolutionizing the way athletes play sports. Although artificial grass fields have already been proven to be the better grass alternative, like any turf installation, artificial fields are susceptible to insufficient drainage. Purchase Green is proud to now offer its customers a superior solution to help control virtually all water issues. This miracle drainage solution is Exceldrain and can be purchased at any one of our Purchase Green distribution centers. Exceldrain, brought to you by American Wick Drain, is the leading product of its kind. Issues such as flooding and water build-up can now be prevented! Because of its perforated core, Exceldrain will efficiently collect and evacuate water from sports fields, dog runs, parks, and backyard applications. This patented drainage product consists of a “high compressive strength formed polystyrene core” that is manufactured with non-absorbent recycled materials. With Exceldrain installed below an artificial grass field, field safety and performance will be dramatically improved. Player impact and injury risk will be minimized as well as overall maintenance costs throughout the field’s life. Exceldrain will require an extra step in the installation process, but it necessary for a well-executed install. American Wick Drain has really surpassed all of our expectations with their Exceldrain product line and Purchase Green, as a company, is honored to be able to provide this product to our customers.

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