So, you’re looking to take on a small DIY artificial grass project? Congrats! But you may be thinking, “What do I need to do the work?” Here’s a breakdown of the tools you’ll need to have on hand to finish that basic DIY artificial grass project!

Shovel and Pickaxe

You’ll need these for the digging and excavating phase!

Landscape/Heavy Duty Rake

To spread the sub-base material.


For transporting heavy items and sub-base.

Hand tamper

Compact that sub-base!

Measuring tape

You need this to measure grass cuts and the project area.


To mark out cuts on the grass.

Carpet Knife + Extra Blades

You gotta cut the grass somehow! And it never hurts to have spares.

Carpet Kicker

For stretching out the grass.


For hammering the grass and nails into the sub-base.


Drop and spread the infill all over that grass!

Turf broom

And evenly disperse that infill into the grass.If you have a more complex project that requires seams or anything beyond a basic installation, you’ll need a few more tools than these. But for a simple DIY, that’s what you’ll need!As always, call or visit your local Purchase Green for a better idea of what tools will be required for your particular project!