Updated June 23, 2021:

We’re proud to announce the publication of our new “DIY Install Guide”. If you’re looking for more information about installing artificial grass yourself, this is the guide for you. It has great insights for any contractor how is looking to perfect their skills at artificial grass installation. Click here to read our “DIY Install Guide” and become the expert.

Landscape Contractors who regularly install artificial grass aim to provide their customers with a beautiful product as efficiently and affordably as possible. Here are 7 industry tools that will make artificial grass installation easier to perform precisely and quickly:

The Industrial Power Broom

This large metal broom is the perfect solution for cleaning the lawn as you prepare it for installation. It significantly reduces the amount of labor that must be done in comparison to using a hand broom. It is roughly seven times faster than a push broom.

The Carpet Kicker

The carpet kicker is a must-have installation tool for artificial grass. Just like carpet, turf comes in a roll where the material becomes compressed and – once it’s being installed – could use a few extra tugs to ensure it’s pulled nice and taut.

First, appropriately orient and rough cut the turf to fit the general shape of the perimeter. Next, anchor one side of the turf’s perimeter line with a row of 5″ non-galvanized nails spaced 6 inches apart. After the row of anchor nails has been set along the top perimeter, use a carpet kicker to stretch the turf outward. As you kick and stretch, loose turf will begin to bunch; just in from the bunched material, hammer the non-galvanized nail where the turf is now pulled taut, securing the hold. Continue stretching and securing in horizontal rows with nails every 2-3 square feet – or approximately 2 feet between each row and 2 feet between each nail – like a grid.

The Turf Gripper

A turf gripper is a set of gripping tongs which are used to pull the synthetic grass in place. The tong both grips the turf and stretches it into place with minimal force. It is similar in use to a carpet stretcher. Available in many different widths, the TurfGrip is the best of the synthetic turf tools to hold the artificial turf in place. The TurfGrip tongs save a lot of stress on the contractor when the turf web needs alignment.

The Circle Cutter

The circle cutter is a circular tool designed to cut out small round pieces on the synthetic grass. The replacement circle fits perfectly into the space. It is one of the most precise synthetic turf tools the applicator can use. It is excellent for cutting center and penalty spots on an athletic field.

The Line Cutter

The line cutter is a linear metallic tool with a sharp blade designed to cut straight lines on the synthetic grass. It is excellent for cutting the synthetic grass to meet the edge of a stone porch. It is best used from a kneeling position for a precise cut. As always, these sharp blades need to be used with extreme care.

Don’t work harder than you have to; use these tools to have your customers raving about the immaculate work that took you half as long as ‘the other guy’ to complete.

For more tips on how to execute an installation efficiently, check out our DIY installation guide.


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