Note: Purchase Green no longer carries Envirofill. However, a suitable alternative may be selected as part of the system.

Purchase Green has finally taken the next step in providing the safest artificial grass on the market. Critical Height Data for our artificial grass systems is officially available! What exactly does this mean? It means that now all customers have access to the exact grass-shock pad size-base-infill ratio that is perfect for your application. Most schools require a minimum of an 8 foot fall height on all their playgrounds and play areas. Thanks to an amazing testing center in Dalton, Georgia, Purchase Green can now provide you with the perfect combination in order to achieve that fall height ratio.

For those that love our Nature’s Sod Premier product, an 8 foot fall height over concrete can be achieved with our 45mm Playground Pad, our 93 oz. Nature’s Sod Premier and 2 pounds on Envirofill per square foot. This combination, or system, was tested at three temperatures, 25 degrees Fahrenheit, 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. All of which achieve the same 8 foot fall height.

Southwestern Sod can also achieve an 8 foot fall height. It also requires a 45mm Playground Pad, but requires 2.5 pounds of Envirofill because of its lower face weight. Southwestern Sod performs just as well in the same three temperatures as Nature’s Sod Premier, but at 25 degrees, this system can provide a 9 foot fall height!

Purchase Green can also provide you a system that achieves a 3 foot fall height for low impact areas such as backyards and areas for young ones.

Our Spring Rye product can achieve a 3 foot fall height as long as it is accompanied by an 18mm Playground Pad and 1.5 pounds of Envirofill. This system is perfect for a family on a budget or a family that wants to make their back yard a little bit safer.