Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
Excerpt Regarding Lead and Artificial Grass

The amount of lead that can be in artificial grass is governed by Section 101 – Children’s Products Containing Lead; Lead Pain Rule – of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

The limits specified by Section 101 are phased in over three (3) years. Products that contain more than 600 PPM (parts per million) of lead after February 10, 2009 are banned from sale in the United States and sales of such products will result in significant civil and criminal liability. That limit drops to 300 PPM in August of 2009 and 100 PPM in August of 2010.

However, additional (more restrictive rules) apply to paint and similar surface-coating materials for consumer use (which would be applicable to artificial grass). As of August 14th, 2009 the limit becomes 90 PPM.
All Purchase Green artificial grasses and artificial putting greens meet these requirements!

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