Myth: Artificial grass surfaces are completely maintenance free.
Fact: While maintaining an artificial grass area does not require a lot of work, it is not completely maintenance free. Frequent raking, and sweeping is necessary to keep Purchase Green’s artificial grasses looking their best and lasting their longest. High traffic areas, as well as dog areas, will need more attention than low traffic or non-dog areas. Artificial grass is a great investment and we like to help you get your money’s worth. Plastic bristled rakes can be purchased on Purchase Green’s website and at store locations.

Myth: All synthetic grass and artificial turf products have the same drainage capabilities.
Fact: The drainage capacity and performance of a turf field is based on the field’s base material and installation along with the turf system’s physical drainage properties. Purchase Green’s turf is equipped with percolation holes every six inches. These holes help prevent puddles and water build up. The water will flow to its natural flow point unless one has been created during the sub-base process. We offer another drainage solution that provides help to high impact areas. Purchase Green now sells drainage mats, these mats can be used in backyards, dog runs and sports fields.

Myth: Natural grass is the safest playing surface for sports.
Fact: Long-term independent testing concludes that artificial grass leads to less overall time lost to injury, fewer neural injuries, fewer cranial/cervical injuries, and less 3rd degree injuries. In the most critical areas of safety, artificial grass has proven to be consistently safer than any other turf system and better than natural grass. With artificial grass, the consumer has more control over how safe their grass is. The consumers can chose how soft their grass is and whether or not they want to use a shockpad underneath.

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