Can Artificial Grass be Used for Chipping and Pitching Golf Balls?

Arnold Palmer once described golf as deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. For more than a decade Purchase Green has been helping people experience the most challenging part of the game – putting – right in their own backyard.

But there’s more to golf than putts. That’s why people often ask us if they can use artificial grass to practice the rest of their short game like chip and pitch shots.

The answer is yes! Our grass not only makes a great looking fringe for chipping, it can also be used as a longer rough for practicing pitch shots…space permitting, of course.

So if your dream is a pitch and putt in your own backyard, Purchase Green has your short game covered. We’ve even got the long ball covered too with our amazing driving mats.

Take a peek at the installation process with this DIY Easy Install Guide to get an idea of what you can expect.
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Posted on May 24, 2019