Purchase Green's March Madness Artificial Grass Bracket

Artificial Grass March Madness!

Purchase Green's March Madness Artificial Grass Bracket

Few things are as exciting as the NCAA Tournament Final Four, which gets underway this weekend. At Purchase Green we get pretty excited about artificial grass. At each of our stores we offer a huge variety artificial grass to choose from. To help you decide which is right for you, we created a March Madness-style bracket. Continue reading

In All Conditions, Artificial Grass is Ideal for Your Lawn

California homeowners have recently had some cause to rejoice: The crippling, unrelenting drought has–at least temporarily–been disrupted by El NiƱo, seemingly heralding the start of a long overdue rainy season. As much of the state is drenched with rain, many are hailing the storm as a sign that things will be getting better, particularly for water-starved lawns that have suffered under watering restrictions. Continue reading

Spring Into Action – 6 Inspirational Ideas

Want to build a home gym using our Eco Olive 60? This customer did!

Want to build a home gym using our Eco Olive 60? This customer did!

As a few final flurries of winter fury batter the west coast this week, Spring may seem as far away as it did in December. But in less than two weeks Spring will have officially sprung, meaning open season on lawns and landscapes (and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead before bed on March 12). Continue reading

Some Fantastic Artificial Grass Before and After Photos

Sign A lot of (virtual) ink is spilled on this blog – and for good reason. We love helping our customers learn more about artificial grass, about our company and about the benefits artificial grass can provide. Continue reading

Variety is the Spice of Life

A peek inside Purchase Green's massive warehouse!

A peek inside Purchase Green’s massive warehouse!

Purchase Green Artificial Grass began with one store in Southern California in 2009. We started with the idea that if we provide customers with great products and prices, exceptional service and equip them with knowledge, then we’d be able to distinguish ourselves from the other artificial grass companies out there. Continue reading

Artificial Grass – Making Sense of Installation Prices

moneyWhen you visit Purchase Green’s website you’ll find a huge variety of artificial grasses. Depending on the grass, the price per square-foot will be between $1.61 and $3.49. If you request a quote for an installation, however, you’ll discover the price range suddenly jumps.

What gives? Continue reading

What’s the Deal with Infill?

grass Imagine you just finished installing a beautiful swath of new Purchase Green artificial grass. You’re itching to invite friends and family over to marvel at your state-of-the-art landscape. But there remains one step before your installation can be declared officially complete – adding infill. Continue reading