California PRO and Spring Plush Platinum are the two newest grasses brought to you by Purchase Green. Both at 1.8″ pile height and a 75 oz face weight, these grasses are very dense and are perfect for any high traffic area. Individually, these grasses can shine on their own too. California PRO, feautured below, is an incredibly soft grass with an Olive Bi-Color and a green/brown thatch to enhance it’s natural look. The California Pro is the most natural looking southwestern style artificial grass on the market today. The look and texture has been achieved by using two different tall fibers – an oval shipped dark green fiber and a diamond shaped lighter green fiber – the variance in blade width and shape creates an amazingly natural texture.

Spring Plush Platinum, picture below, is a very green grass accompanied by a green thatch. The Spring Plush Platinum is a preimum grade artificial grass product. The look and feel of this amazing artificial grass product is the direct result of the yarn used – an oval shaped fiber made by Tencate. The shape of the fiber allows for outstanding memory without sacrificing its incredibly soft texture. You will want to take a nap on this grass in the spring and fall afternoons!