A sub-grade perimeter board, such as Bend-A-Board, is a flexible framing material that can be used to simplify the artificial grass installation process while making your installation more robust. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it.


After all of the natural soil has been removed from the site, install bend-a-Board along the perimeter line where needed. 

Leave a half-inch gap between the board and any hardscapes, such as patios and driveways. This gap will allow you to tuck the grass edge between the perimeter board and the hardscape, resulting in a more natural look.

Then secure the board pieces in place with 12-inch composite stakes set about three feet apart. The composite stakes are screwed into the Bend-A-Board, holding it in place at the proper elevation – about a half-inch below the adjacent hard edge. 

Once the perimeter is secure with the composite stakes, you may apply your sub-base. The sub-base should be installed and compacted until it is even with the top of your perimeter board.

After you’ve reached 98% compaction of your sub-base, you’re ready to install your grass. To do so, affix your turf to the Bend-a-board using a pneumatic stapler.

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