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Purchase Green Opens 28th Location, 3rd Distribution Center

purchase green artificial grass in Sacramento

Purchase Green Artificial Grass, a local-market distributor of turf goods and services, announces a September 1st opening of their 3rd market distribution center – strengthening their already substantial nationwide distribution network.

As the demand for synthetic turf steadily increases and the challenges with overseas shipping and logistics continue, keeping a step ahead has been critical to Purchase Green’s success. The NorCal center will support ongoing improvements to logistical operations, shrinking the gap between the company’s Master Distribution Center in Southern California and 27 retail locations across 8 states, as well as dozens of dealers and installers nationwide.


Anthony Vena, CEO and Co-Founder of Purchase Green Artificial Grass, states:

As the adoption of turf continues to grow and to better support our existing customer base and store network in Northern California, we are pleased to announce the opening of another local sales office and market distribution center. This addition will help us to better serve our contractor base in West Sacramento, and expedite restocks for our 2 existing company stores and 5 franchises in the market, as well as support future store growth in the Northwest.”

The opening of the West Sacramento Center marks a major milestone for the organization, having begun as a startup with only one small warehouse in La Verne, CA. Now, there are over two dozen Purchase Green locations – plus a mix of showrooms, business offices, and one call center.

After being acquired by Controlled Products in 2019, Purchase Green outlined some big goals for expansion. In the 12 months ending in July 2021, 7 new locations were launched, a combination of corporate-owned and franchised. The second half of  2021 looks equally promising with 2 more stores and a 4th distribution center planned to open. This will not be the last time we hear from Purchase Green.

For more information on business opportunities with Purchase Green, check out our Partner Solutions page here.

Patio Turf: Advantages, Average Cost, and Application Tips

artificial turf for patios

Patios, balconies, and decks are often awkwardly shaped spaces with limited surface area to work with. Maximizing these spaces can be challenging, eventually leaving some (even myself) to end up neglecting them, not recognizing the missed opportunity. But, for those who are tired of the dirty concrete and lacking appeal, patio turf is an easy first step to elevating your outdoor space.

Why Patio Turf Works

Drains Quickly

All Purchase Green artificial grasses drain at a rate of at least 27 (cubic) inches per square yard per hour, with some product types draining even faster than that. In short, artificial turf for the patio will not worsen the pooling of water and other liquids. In fact, adding a drainage mat beneath the turf – such as AirDrain – can improve how well your balcony or deck keeps dry.

Great for Kids and Pets

Small apartment living with kids and pets is not easy. Providing them adequate room for exercise, play, and personal space is important for their home life. Open up and maximize your small outdoor living area with patio turf to instantly increase the space’s functionality and comfort. You can even give the surface some extra cushion by adding a Shockpad beneath the turf.

Easy, Temporary, and Inexpensive

Did you know that the easiest installations are patio turf projects because they require the least amount of product and prep work? Lucky you! They’re also durable and functional, but still a temporary solution that you can remove later on. Double yay! And, to top it off, they’re super inexpensive, with most Purchase Green locations offering discounted remnant pieces – the perfect sized artificial turf for patios!


Whether your goal is to create a space for outdoor recreation, such as yoga, aerobics, bocce ball or golf, or if you want to compliment your balcony garden with ground cover, or even if you want to simply enhance the appearance of your home – artificial grass gives the DIY homeowner versatility.

Your Material Cost

The average cost of a DIY artificial turf installation is between $3 – $6 per square foot. This range encompasses the cost of all tools and materials needed for the job. However, because patio applications require the least amount of material and prep, these projects average closer to $3 per square foot.

Your Material Checklist

Double-Sided Seaming Tape: This seam tape is specially made for temporary applications, ideal over hardscapes, such as asphalt and cement. Double-sided seam tape is used to secure the perimeter line and interior sections of the turf directly to the hardscape surface.

(optional) AirDrain Drainage Mat: Proper drainage is crucial to all artificial grass installations, especially those installed over hardscapes like patios and rooftops, and AirDrain will assist in increasing the overall drainage rate of the area. AirDrain is a sub-surface gid that is installed beneath the turf to collect and redirect water away to an exit drain or predetermined point. As a result of AirDrain’s 1-inch depth and 92% air void, air easily circulates and water passes through rapidly – helping keep turf cooler, further preventing odor and bacteria buildup, as well as reinforcing injury prevention by improving the surface’s shock absorbency. Additionally, AirDrain mats can hold up to a ½ gallon of water per square foot, if needed, until it can reach the exit drain – allowing the turf surface to remain dry.

(optional) Shockpad: An optional item, the 8mm shockpad is a great addition to a patio turf project for extra comfort. The shockpad can adhere directly to a hardscape surface or AirDrain mat using the 29 oz Ultrabond glue, which is also used to adhere turf to the surface of the shockpad.

Turf Bomb: Artificial grasses regularly exposed to pets and foot traffic may benefit from periodic cleansing with a deodorizer that’s safe for synthetic turf, such as Turf Bomb – a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable disinfectant that is specially made for artificial grass. Attach the Hook and Hose sprayer, included with your purchase of a 32 oz bottle of Turf Bomb, to your garden hose to lightly soak the turf, then leave the mixture to dry. Repeat as desired.

Turf: Of course! But which one is best for your needs? Chat with our product experts online, over the phone, or in person at any of our retail showrooms to find out which grass has the features and specifications you need. And don’t forget to check out the deals at your nearest Purchase Green store! Most locations sell discounted remnant pieces, available for free will call.

Watch these How-To Videos

Our media library is filled with great videos that demonstrate how to use and install our products – check ’em out!

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drought tolerant landscaping with turf

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping: An Environmental Solution

Water conservation is of interest to all: individuals, businesses, and policymakers. Protection of water began in 1948 when the Clean Water Act was signed into law. Since then, water as a resource has been looked at in an entirely new way, as an entity with integrity and intrinsic value, driving the need for more drought-tolerant landscaping.

Concerns over periods of drought and water availability have increased in recent years. More individuals, and businesses, depending on their geographical location, may even be subject to water usage restrictions due to drought conditions. As of July 20, 2021, 40.1% of the U.S. is in drought, affecting 48 states.

Homeowners, landscapers, businesses, municipalities, and many others who wish to maintain their backyards, grounds, and sports fields may feel overwhelmed by water usage restrictions. They also may feel responsible for doing their part to limit water usage and wastage.

Purchase Green offers a creative solution to a large-scale problem; one that affects local and global communities. We have expertise in drought-tolerant landscaping that not only looks fantastic, but provides a sustainable approach to water usage and conservation, recyclability, and more.

Opting for synthetic turf over maintaining a traditional lawn is guaranteed to conserve water over time. According to the STC, “A typical grass sports field requires between 500,000 to a million gallons of water or more each year.” While this does depend on the geographical area and usual rainfall, maintaining a green space without regular watering is not feasible.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day. In areas, especially desert climates, where rainfall is low, this is simply not sustainable for ensuring water accessibility to all. Choosing a synthetic option for some or all of your green space can help you personally save hundreds of gallons of water per year.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority estimates that every square foot of natural grass replaced saves households between 400 and 750 dollars annually in water usage costs, depending on the size of the yard. Synthetic turfs provided by Purchase Green are low maintenance; they don’t require watering, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.

Occasionally, debris, leaves, and other particles that have fallen on the turf may need to be removed. A rake or broom are simple and efficient tools for removal. Purchase Green installations look just like real grass, with vibrant green hues, minus the maintenance headaches and unnecessary water usage.

Moreover, synthetic turf options reduce carbon dioxide expenditure. Many lawns require mowing to maintain aesthetic value. One hour of push mowing creates as much pollution as 11 cars, according to EPA studies, and riding mowers create as much pollution as 34 cars. This alone can directly help conserve water, as carbon dioxide accelerates climate change, which worsens drought conditions.

Purchase Green’s priorities lie in education, honesty, precision, and conversation. These are not only important as a business model but also to form a community around preserving natural resources!