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Artificial Grass Installed in Four Minutes!

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Artificial grass is a great way to conserve water and have a lush, beautiful lawn year around. We recently documented a Purchase Green artificial grass installation and created this short, fun video to show you the artificial grass installation process. The video follows the crew after they installed the sub-base and begin work on compacting.  Continue reading

Senate OKs Bill to Forbid Cities and Counties from Banning Artificial Grass


A bill that would forbid cities and counties in California from banning artificial grass passed easily through the State Senate on Wednesday, September 9.  Continue reading

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Fresno Homebuilders Make Artificial Grass Standard

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The images have been stark and depressing. Block after block of California homes with brown, parched lawns. With an historic drought wreaking havoc on every facet of life in the Golden State, homeowners are increasingly considering their options when it comes to landscaping. Continue reading

Drought May Force Drastic Action in California

According to KCRA, Bureau of Land Management crews have begun welding together pieces of 18-inch diameter pipe and using machines to snake the pipe down the face of Folsom Dam and into Folsom Lake, a key state reservoir that provides drinking water to thousands in the Sacramento region. Folsom Lake is nearing historic low water levels as a result of the ongoing drought in California. Continue reading

A Closer Look at Crumb Rubber in Artificial Grass

Artificial-grass-installer By Chad Vander Veen
Purchase Green Marketing and Communications Manager 

Artificial grass is awesome! We certainly think so and the customers we help everyday seem to agree! But like anything that is in such high demand, there are a lot people asking good questions. Whether on social media or in the news, people are curious about artificial grass. One of the questions we often hear is about crumb rubber – specifically people want to know what it is and whether it’s safe. Continue reading

Purchase Green Artificial Grass Expands to 12 Locations

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The industry’s leading artificial grass company to add locations in San Clemente and San Diego.

SAN DIMAS, CALIF., August 18, 2015 — Purchase Green, the premier supplier of artificial grass, announced it will be expanding to 12 locations. Two new stores will be opening in September in San Clemente, Calif., and in San Diego, enabling even more homeowners to have a beautiful, lush green lawn that can save homeowners over 700,000 gallons of water in its useful lifetime.  Continue reading

You’ve Decided on Artificial Grass, Now What?

HOAs So a little while ago you were considering artificial grass to beautify you home – easy decision, right?

No water, no maintenance (well, a tiny bit) and it looks great all year round. It even pays for itself in a few years and then…well the savings really start piling up after that. You’ll save water and help contribute to combating the drought. An easy decision. But now you’re off to your local Purchase Green store and, wham, 37 varieties of grass to choose from. How do you decide?  Continue reading

Artificial Grass: Top 7 Reasons to Make the Switch


If you’ve been considering artificial grass but haven’t committed to the idea, you’re not alone. Many people today are giving serious thought to artificial grass as a means to save money, save water and minimize the environmental toll of traditional lawns. If you’re on the fence, take a quick look at the Top 7 Reasons to Make the Switch to artificial grass.

1. Artificial Grass Pays for Itself: When considering savings on landscape irrigation and landscape maintenance, the typical artificial grass installation pays for itself within 3 to 5 years when compared to a natural lawn.  Continue reading

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Westlake Village, Calif., Approves Artificial Grass Ordinance

Purchase Green installation partner The city of Westlake Village, which sits between Los Angeles County and Ventura County, recently approved a new ordinance that regulates the type of artificial grass property owners can install, sets minimum standards and provides guidance to property owners as to permissible materials.

The ordinance, approved by the Westlake Village city council, goes into effect in September and is intended to promote water conservation while maintaining a high appearance standard.    Continue reading