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Welcome to Purchase Green Artificial Grass San Marcos!

Here at PG Artificial Grass San Marcos, we’ve adjusted nicely to our new location. Last year, we moved from our Escondido location to our new store located at 445 Enterprise Street, San Marcos, CA 92078. We had a showroom and warehouse revamp to create the best customer experience from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you receive our product.

We wanted to share some photos with you of our new space!

The outside of our building – Purchase Green Artificial Grass, 445 Enterprise Street, San Marcos, CA 92078

Sample racks with our favorite grasses for you to choose from!

All of our accessories with everything you need for your artificial grass project!

Our solar light wall complete with Purchase Green neon light!

Some of our grass rolls ready to be cut!

And we want to highlight our awesome store manager who keeps things running smoothly – Brett Jillson!

Brett and his wife are native San Diegans who have been married for 18 years. They have a 15-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl to keep them busy. One of Brett’s passions is the outdoors and specifically loves to go mountain biking regularly. He is a very competitive person at heart who loves to compete, coach, and spectate. His greatest joy, however, is being able to serve at Coastline Church in Carlsbad and be a part of all the wonderful things God is doing through the people there. Brett just celebrated his 6 months with PG and is very thankful to be a part of the Purchase Green family.

Thanks for reading this blog!

We at Purchase Green Artificial Grass San Marcos are happy to help you with any project! Stop by our store at 445 Enterprise Street, San Marcos, CA 92078 or call us at 760-291-8349 if you have any questions or project ideas you need help with.

We’re always happy, helpful, and happy to help!

Purchase Green Artificial Grass Phoenix – What We’re Up To

We’ve been busy here at Purchase Green Artificial Grass Phoenix! Here’s what we’ve been up to.

At the beginning of March, we saddled up to the Maricopa County Home Show and had an awesome time meeting people and chatting about artificial grass. Thanks to everyone who came out, and we’ll see everyone at the next one!

We’re super excited about this installation we did for Chaparral High School in Scottsdale! These batting cages use the amazing Vista Sport, which has temperature-reducing Cool Yarn technology and a durable V-shape fiber to stand up to whatever those softballers can throw at it.

Summer will be upon us sooner than we realize, and it’s gonna be hot. Getting those artificial grasses that have Cool Yarn will be nicer than those that do not have it as it keeps the grass 10-20% cooler. It’s also important to note that while we’ll get to those triple-digit temperatures, our artificial grass doesn’t get hot from ambient temperature. So, even though it can (and will) be over 100 degrees this summer, if your artificial grass is shaded, then that won’t be a problem.


And we have an exciting offer for new contractors! We’ll be offering free delivery for new contractors’ first 3 orders! In addition to the free delivery, we’re also throwing in a free bottle of Turf Bomb.

Come stop by Purchase Green Artificial Grass Phoenix and see what else we have in store! We’re located at 2140 S. 7th Ave., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Or call us at 602-832-7245 if you have any questions!

Our Address – Purchase Green Artificial Grass Phoenix, 2140 S. 7th Ave., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Our Phone Number – 602-832-7245

We’re happy, we’re helpful, and we’re happy to help!

Store Closures for Easter Weekend

Quick announcement!

Some of our stores will be closed for this coming Good Friday and Holy Saturday, in addition to Easter Sunday (we’re always closed on Sundays anyway). Below you’ll find which stores will be closed tomorrow (4/2) and Saturday (4/3). Note that PG Fresno will be open tomorrow (4/2) but closed Saturday. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter!

Stores Closed:
· San Dimas
· San Diego
· San Marcos
· San Jose
· Rancho Cordova
· San Fernando Valley
· Camarillo
· Houston
· Dallas
· North Las Vegas
· Albuquerque
· Phoenix
· Murrieta
· Yuba City
· Fresno (open Friday, closed Saturday)



Hello from Purchase Green Artificial Grass Dallas!

Hello from the PG Artificial Grass Dallas team! Thanks for checking out our blog.

As the weather starts to warm up in the coming months – and now that these spring storms have subsided – we’ll hopefully be getting outside a lot more. We’re looking forward to relaxing on a nice green lawn, no watering, no mowing. Here are some installations we’ve done lately that we know are going to be an absolute game-changer for this summer.

This shaded backyard is ideal for those hot and sunny summer days. Because our artificial grass doesn’t get hot from ambient temperature, it could be 100 degrees outside, but the shade from the trees will keep that grass from getting too hot. But, if you are worried about any bare feet or paws on that artificial grass, you can always opt for one of our Cool Yarn grasses, which keeps 10-20% cooler than other artificial grasses.

Getting artificial grass for backyard playgrounds is a no-brainer. This one is going to be a safer, more comfortable surface for kids playing and running around. And you’re not trading beauty for safety. Throw in some pavers, and you’ve got a backyard both the kids and the adults can enjoy.

And our final installation highlight is this 5-hole putting green. They definitely took advantage of our different-colored nylon flags, using our whole line of solid white, yellow, blue, and red flags. We were happy to bring some pops of color to this open area.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any project ideas of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Come stop by Purchase Green Artificial Grass Dallas and see what we have in store! We’re located at 13908 Distribution Way, Farmers Branch, TX 75234. Or call us at 214-453-6820 if you have any questions!

Our Address – Purchase Green Artificial Grass Dallas, 13908 Distribution Way, Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Our Phone Number – 214-453-6820

We’re happy, we’re helpful, and we’re happy to help!


Purchase Green Artificial Grass Austin is OPEN!

We have a new store announcement! We just opened a new location in Austin, Texas! This is our third store in Texas and will be serving the Austin area, including San MarcosGeorgetownRound RockBastropBudaLakewayPflugervilleElgin, and Taylor.

Our Purchase Green Artificial Grass Austin location will be open Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm. If you’re in need of high-quality artificial grass and supplies, our team in Austin has what you need.

We are so excited to serve new and existing customers in Texas and can’t wait to grow into the Austin area.

Call us – 512-351-7655

Visit us – Purchase Green Artificial Grass Austin – 9232 Research Blvd Austin, TX 78758


Why Use Weed Barrier for Artificial Grass?

Once a site has been excavated, all debris removed, sprinklers capped, and the ground compacted, you will have the option of adding weed barrier for artificial grass.

Weed barrier can be laid either on top of or below the sub-base, or sometimes both. The benefit of installing weed barrier below the sub-base is that it helps to prevent base contamination, the mixing of sub-base and native soil. Because native soil expands and contracts with the changing temperatures, it’s important to make sure your sub-base layer is thick enough to maintain a strong hold for your artificial grass, in order to prevent bubbling or rippling. We recommend a 3-inch minimum excavation depth to help prevent weed growth, critters, and movement of your grass.

Though, if the native soil is rocky and hard as opposed to claylike, there’s not as much of a need for or benefit to installing weed barrier beneath the sub-base. If the native soil is harder, it’s suggested to install only one weed barrier layer on top of the base. And while weed barrier underlayment can help provide extra protection against weeds and gophers, it’s still not impossible for gophers to break through and weeds to protrude. Weeds can be tough to prevent if the soil was not excavated deep enough or if the sub-base is contaminated.

To install weed barrier, unroll the fabric and cover the entire surface, while also overlapping each layer edge by about 6 inches. Then, secure by hammering nongalvanized flathead nails or sod staples wherever necessary.

For more information on weed barrier for artificial grass, check out the video below. If you want to know if weed barrier is right for you, reach out to your local Purchase Green store, or hit up that live chat feature on our website. 

Purchase Green Artificial Grass Albuquerque is OPEN!

We have a new store announcement! We just opened a new location in Albuquerque, New Mexico! This is our first store in New Mexico and will be serving the Albuquerque area, including South ValleyBelenMeadow LakeBernalilloPeraltaLos LunasSan Felipe PuebloRio Rancho, and Carnuel.

Our Purchase Green Artificial Grass Albuquerque location will be open Monday-Friday from 7:00am-5:00pm. If you’re in need of high-quality artificial grass and supplies, our team in ABQ has what you need.

We are so excited to serve new customers in New Mexico and can’t wait to grow into the Albuquerque area.

Call us –  505-639-4624

Visit us – Purchase Green Artificial Grass Albuquerque – 5821 Midway Park Blvd. NE Suite E, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109


Sale on Artificial Grass!

We have a ton of grasses on sale right now! There are some steep discounts, so get in on these sweet deals.

Here’s a breakdown of all the grasses that are on sale right now:

Vista 70

Vista 70 is an exceptional balance of aesthetics & performance – an excellent, thick & full, very natural-looking product specifically designed aesthetically for climates that receive more rainfall or for the customer who likes a lush, dark green look. The Vista 70 is designed for the customer that wants an exceptionally natural look and is purchasing it for its durability over its texture.

$2.65 $1.99 / sq.ft.

Nature’s Sod 90

Nature’s Sod 90 provides the aesthetic of the Premier but at a lower cost. This is designed for the customer that wants the appearance of a very full, thick premium fiber but at a lower cost because the intended use is for a light to medium traffic application. It is an olive bi-color grass with olive green and brown thatch to provide a very realistic look.

$2.99 $2.19 / sq.ft.

Marathon – Olive

Marathon Olive has a “U” shaped fiber and the polymer additives, similar to our Vista fiber, that helps to reduce the surface temperature of the synthetic lawn grass by diverting UV rays from the shorter curled fibers where heat can be trapped resulting in 10% to 20% temperature improvements relative to grasses with the highest heat-retention rate.

Marathon Olive is an excellent, high quality, light to medium traffic artificial lawn product. It is designed for the customer that wants a durable, natural-looking artificial grass lawn that emphasizes temperature-controlled fibers.

$2.99 $2.09 / sq.ft.

Field Spring

Field Spring blends the Mini Wave temperature-controlled fiber from our AZ Platinum Spring with a tan rectangular fiber to deliver a superior, natural color blend and texture. It is a durable, delustered, temperature-controlled artificial grass. The shape allows for the durability of a W shaped fiber but with a different aesthetic – more similar in appearance to a winter rye than a fescue. The mini-w also has reduced surface area resulting in a no-shine finish.

$2.75 $1.99 / sq.ft.

Spring Fescue Pet Pro

Spring Fescue Pet Pro represents the leading-edge of artificial grass technology. It combines the best of all components; delivering industry-leading tuft bind, drainage rates, fiber durability, and temperature performance. It uses PG Cool Yarn technology offering improved temperature performance. It is produced with a fully permeable PET (PolyLock, Encore & Total Surface Drainage) backing system.

Spring Fescue Pet Pro is one of the only grasses on the market that comes with Purchase Green’s 360 rating. The 360 rating means that grass is an all-around exceptional product.

$2.55 $1.79 / sq.ft.

Spring Fescue Premier

Spring Fescue Premier is made with a premium Wave-shaped fiber – offering the performance of the Vista with texture improvements (i.e. it is not as stiff!). This fiber has outstanding memory and, with the proper amount of artificial grass infill to suit your expected foot traffic, it is a highly durable artificial lawn. The grass is made with a delustered, monofilament tall fiber in a spring bicolor (a field green & apple green color blend). Spring Fescue comes with a green and brown thatch. It also comes with PG’s 360 rating.

$2.99 $2.09 / sq.ft.

California Native

California Native is one of the most natural-looking & unique southwestern style artificial grasses on the market today. The “spine” shaped blade along with a lightly texturized thatch zone offers superior memory without sacrificing texture. This 2″ tall (50mm), 65 oz face weight product offers the aesthetic of a much heavier face weight product – that is a bit gentler on the wallet. It is a very natural-looking field green bi-color grass with olive green and brown thatch.

$2.99 $1.75 / sq.ft.


Browse our shop to see if any of those products suit your project! If you’re not sure what would work best for you, feel free to reach out to your local Purchase Green store or contact us! We’d be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

Sale on Artificial Grass –

While supplies last.  If a store does not have this product in stock it can be shipped to the store but customer will be charged a $.20 per sq ft shipping fee ($.30 for shipping to Purchase Green stores in Colorado). Curbside delivery will be extra.**

**Supplies are limited**

Introducing Our Newest Product Line: Natural Fusion

We are so excited to announce our Natural Fusion line of artificial grasses! This family has four grasses that each have their own awesome qualities. They are

Let’s break them down!

Natural Fusion Olive & Natural Fusion Spring

Natural Fusion Olive and Spring are very similar but have a few key differences. They both come in 13.1′ wide rolls, have a 67oz face weight, a 1.8″ pile height, a double layer primary backing, and a polyurethane secondary backing. That polyurethane secondary backing is going to be more pliable, it’s going to be easier to cut, and it’s going to be more practical than other secondary backing systems in colder weather climates. Other secondary backings are going to be more rigid.

The main differences between the two are their blades, colors, and construction.

Natural Fusion Olive has three different colors that give it a more natural look, and Natural Fusion Spring has four colors.

Natural Fusion Olive is constructed with two blade shapes – W and Diamond – while Natural Fusion Spring has three blade shapes – S, V and Diamond. That extra blade shape in Natural Fusion Spring is going to help increase durability and memory while also giving that extra color for a more realistic look.

Natural Fusion Spring is also going to be more durable due to being made of C8 copolymers as opposed to Olive’s C4 copolymers.

Natural Fusion 50 & Natural Fusion 80

Natural Fusion 50 and 80 also have the double layer primary backing with the polyurethane secondary backing, and they come in 15′ wide rolls. They both have three blade shapes – S, M, and Diamond – that give both of these grasses four different colors. And like the Natural Fusion Spring, they are both made with C8 copolymers.

As you can probably tell from the name, these two grasses vary in their face weight. Natural Fusion 50 has a 50oz face weight while Natural Fusion 80 has an 80oz face weight. How do these differences in face weight come about? Natural Fusion 50 has a lower face weight because it has a wider 1/2″ gauge and a shorter 1.5″ pile height. Natural Fusion 80 has a higher face weight because of its narrower 3/8″ gauge and taller 1.9″ pile height.

What is that difference in face weight going to mean? In terms of aesthetics and function, denser grasses can appear more natural, and they tend to have better memory. With the less dense, shorter grass, you have a more ideal situation for pet owners. The shorter pile height and wider gauge are going to help with mitigating those pet odors that can get caught up in the fibers, and it’s going to reduce the appearance of matting patterns with whatever traffic will be on the grass.


Each of these grasses will have a recommended activity level of low to moderate traffic, and they’re all going to be great for landscape, pet, and playground applications.

If you have any questions about Natural Fusion, feel free to reach out to your local Purchase Green store, or live chat with an artificial grass expert on our website. And you can also check out the product pages for each of the products for a full breakdown.

For even more info about the new grasses, watch the video below.

How to Prevent and Treat Artificial Grass Pet Odors

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to come into one of our stores or call us and ask why their artificial grass has a bad smell. Oftentimes, they bought from another company or DIY’ed and were not made aware of important odor prevention and treatment practices.

By the time customers make a purchase, we want to empower them to be artificial grass experts. That’s why we have our Knowledge Base, YouTube videos, and this blog page – not to mention an entire team of artificial grass nerds working here.

To tackle the question of how to keep an artificial grass lawn stink-free, there are a couple of solutions. But why does it start to stink in the first place? Well, when a pet uses an artificial grass area to do their business, as it’s draining through the grass and backing, ammonia from urine can get trapped and build up over time. That’s what the unpleasant odor is. But have no fear, there are a few ways to prevent and treat this!

Choosing the Right Infill

Before the artificial grass is even in the yard, you can be sure to choose an infill that has been specifically designed for pet applications. We recommend HeroFill, as it is infused with anti-fungal protection and controls odors caused by mildew, mold, fungus, and algae. And it’s anti-microbial to significantly reduce the odor caused by ammonia buildup in pet urine and inhibit bacterial growth.

Another option is the Zeodorizer Turf Infill that is specifically designed for pet applications and also helps to reduce that ammonia smell by absorbing liquids and gases like a magnet, preventing the ammonia from forming a gas. It holds the ammonia until the sodium ions in rainwater release the magnetic ability, which forces the odor-causing bacteria into the ground – ultimately “flushing out” the ammonia smell.

Regular Cleaning

Once you have the right infill, a simple way to keep your turf fresh is to simply give it a light rinse every week or so, depending on how many pets use the area. The more or the bigger pets you have, the more you want to rinse your turf. Because your infill works to flush out that bad ammonia smell, giving it a little rinse will help that trapped ammonia work its way out of your turf and into the ground, where it won’t have to be heard from (or smelled) ever again. For more info on giving your lawn a good cleaning, check out this blog post.

Turf Bomb

For excellent prevention and treatment of pet odors, use Turf Bomb. This is in addition to those weekly or biweekly rinses. You’ll want to use Turf Bomb as a periodic deep cleaning agent. It’s non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, and safe for kids and pets. It was also specifically designed for cleaning puppy pads, so trust us when we say, this stuff works. Here’s what our customers have to say:

Simply attach your garden hose to the special “hook & hose” sprayer that is included with the 32oz bottle and rinse that ammonia and bacteria away.

And with those three tips, you won’t have to deal with artificial grass pet odors. So, if you haven’t invested in an artificial grass lawn for your pets yet, now you know the steps to take to keep it smelling fresh. And if you’re looking for solutions to treat a smelly lawn, we can’t recommend Turf Bomb enough.

If you have any questions about cleaning practices and the best products for you, reach out to your local Purchase Green store, use that live chat function on the side of your screen to talk to a real artificial grass expert, or call us at 844-TURF-444. We’re always happy to help!