Astro turf, artificial grass, synthetic turf, fake grass; what’s the difference? The term Astro Turf became synonymous with artificial grass, specifically for sports field applications. Astro turf is actually the name of an artificial grass brand (Kleenex is a brand of tissue, but we still often say “pass me a Kleenex”). A lot of times, the term can conjure up images of fake-looking, uncomfortable, surfaces like this one:

For that, and legal reasons, we don’t use the term. But we know that many still do. If you’re a contractor it’s good to be able to clarify the meaning to customers.

Because of technological advancements in yarns, infills, and backing, the artificial grass industry has gone from looking like this:

old astro turf

To looking like this:

pg40 artificial grass installation

Cool Yarn:

“Cool yarn”

Describes select grasses that have been engineered to remain cooler than other types of artificial grasses. We design our cool yarn grasses to divert UV radiation from the shorter curled fibers where heat can be trapped. In many cases, Cool Yarn grasses can produce temperature improvements of 10-20% relative to grasses with the highest heat retention rate.

Non-directional fibers:

Non-directional fibers

were first developed for use on professional baseball fields in Japan and are an exceptional solution for high-traffic area applications. Purchase Green uses these fibers to offer superior performance for almost any application. Not just for sports fields anymore, these fibers work for yards, landscapes, playgrounds, and anywhere else.

Anti-static additives:

Static electricity often builds up between rubber and metal playground equipment. Grasses that have a tufted carbon fiber are called “anti-static” because they eliminate static electricity. This keeps kids safe from static shocks!

So now, if a neighbor ever says, “Oh so you’ve got Astro turf in your yard“, you can confidently say “Nah, I’ve got Purchase Green in my yard”.

At Purchase Green, we go above and beyond the stereotypical artificial grass. Explore all the possibilities our products can provide, shop online now or visit one of our local stores today!

artificial grass pool