Whether you’re knee-deep into the process of planning your artificial turf project or evaluating whether to opt for artificial turf in the first place, understanding how artificial turf is priced will be critical to making informed decisions along the way. In this post, we’ll examine the factors that drive the price of artificial turf and give you tools to find the best turf for you at the best value.

Face Weight and Total Weight

The amount of material in a given area of turf is usually the most significant factor in determining how it is priced. There are three components in artificial turf that can vary significantly in the amount of material used to manufacture them and, therefore, have the most impact on the price: yarn, primary backing and secondary backing. The amount of material present in these two components is measured by face weight and total weight. 

  • Face weight is a measure of the weight (in ounces) of the yarn within 1 square yard.
  • Total weight is a combined measure of the weight (in ounces) of the yarn and the primary/secondary backings within 1 square yard

artificial grass face weight, total weight

It’s important to note that neither measurement is really an indicator of quality. This is because artificial turf is manufactured in a variety of ways in order to serve specific customer needs. For instance, two turfs might have wildly different blade density and height but the same amount of yarn and, therefore, the same face weight. Likewise, the amount of material present in the primary and secondary backing can influence how artificial turf is priced.

Keep face weight and total weight in mind while you compare turf prices, as some companies will only advertise their grass’ total weight, making it appear as though their grass is significantly less expensive than competition. If, for example, you see two grasses marked as “100 oz”, one selling at $2.89/square foot and the other at $3.89/square foot, be sure to inquire whether the weight advertised is total weight or face weight. To avoid this confusion, at Purchase Green, we only advertise face weight.

For more guidance on determining which artificial turf is best for you, start by taking a look at our knowledge base guide on “application.” 

Turf Tech and “Premium” Prices

The second-most influential factor in determining how artificial turf is priced is the kinds of materials used to manufacture it. There is a wide array of new high-tech materials that improve turf performance by extending its lifespan, making it cooler, expediting rainwater drainage, increasing durability, etc. Luckily, these high-tech materials usually don’t significantly drive up the cost of manufacturing and, therefore, the cost to the customer.  As you shop around, however, you may find hefty price tags on these turfs that incorporate high-tech materials. This often has little to do with the cost of these new materials. Many merchants will mark them up as “premium” turfs simply because they feature a new technology. At Purchase Green, we believe in offering the broadest array of turf at the most competitive prices. Because of this, our turf is priced by material weight, be it high-tech or not.

Foreign Import Tariffs and the Middle Man

Perhaps the biggest change in artificial turf prices came last year from tariffs on goods imported from China. The roughly 25% increase in cost to U.S. merchants who import from China has been transferred largely to the customer, resulting in hiked retail prices. However, not all turf importers have been equally affected by the tariffs. Our strategic maneuvering has allowed us to maintain a wholesale supply channel, keeping our cost down and offering the lowest price on the market to our customers. Furthermore, manufacturing our own products means we eliminate the need for a “middle man”, giving us direct control over quality, and allowing us to keep our competitive low prices.

In Conclusion

We hope this post has helped demystify how artificial turf is priced, making your search for turf simpler. If you have any questions or need more guidance, feel free to give us a call or visit one of our stores. Check out our knowledge base for the nitty-gritty on all things artificial turf.