When choosing the right artificial grass, we often ask how much traffic the area will get. But what does this mean exactly? Where are the lines drawn?

Today, we’re breaking down what exactly low, medium, and high traffic entails for your artificial grass and giving you some examples of grasses for each level. 

Low Traffic

Low-traffic grasses are those that are intended to be installed largely for aesthetic purposes. These grasses can be walked on but, in general, any activity more substantial than walking should be avoided. An important note is that while you could, in theory, install any grass for any application, we do not recommend certain grasses for certain applications. For example, we obviously wouldn’t recommend a low-traffic, aesthetic grass for a football field. The grass wouldn’t last as long or perform as well as a grass designed specifically for sport applications. All of our grasses are of high quality, but some are more suited to certain applications. If you’re looking at getting artificial grass for a yard that people will look at rather than play on, Zoysia, Bluegrass Light, and Spring Rye 65 are beautiful options.


Medium Traffic

Medium-traffic grasses represent the majority of the grasses we sell. These are grasses designed for everyday use. Many lawn applications will require at least medium traffic grasses for kids and pets to play. Some great medium traffic options are Eco Olive 80, Vista Natural 65, and Nature’s Sod Plush.


High Traffic

High-traffic grasses can stand up to just about anything – dogs, kids, sports, and playground activities. If you’re looking for the heaviest duty grasses for sport fields, playgrounds, pet areas, and the like, here are some of our high-traffic grasses that can do the job well: Vista Natural 80, Vista Sport, and Arizona Platinum. You can also browse our selection of playground turfs and sport turfs.

We hope that helped you understand how important traffic is when deciding on artificial grass. If you have any questions about your project’s traffic level, reach out to your local Purchase Green or contact us here. We’re happy to help!

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