Today, as property owners, 55 million homeowners invest in residential developments that are guided and governed by the rules and regulations of city, county, community, co-op or homeowner associations.

These governing bodies help to ensure, for the good of the whole community, that the development and overall look and feel of the property matures gracefully and grows in value, with time, protecting your investment.

They are also chartered with the responsibility of providing oversight regarding land and property development to insure that county, state and federal laws, codes, covenants and restrictions are met.

One of the key elements a community, co-op or homeowner association is tasked with is to develop design guidelines that help property owners improve their properties while maintaining the consistency of the whole community.

California communities also bear the burden of managing water resources and storm-water runoff. Artificial grass and synthetic turf materials, professionally designed and installed are a viable option to consider.

Natural Versus Artificial Lawn Costs

All common costs should be considered when comparing the maintenance and overall costs associated with having a natural lawn versus installing synthetic grasses. Some considerations that are sometimes overlooked include:

  • Excavation and site prep (dump/haul fees)
  • Access to the area (time wasters like stairs)
  • Compare natural lawn’s need for soil amendments, preparation and additional materials to a synthetic lawn’s base work.
  • Natural lawns require additional trenching, pipes/fittings, electric, plumbing and timer costs.
  • Lifecycle?What natural grass can last as long as the shortest of warranties on synthetic turf?
  • Include long-term maintenance, repair & replacement of irrigation and lawn areas

Keep in Mind

New projects and renovations generally require the property owner/member to submit an architectural application for review to the HOA, including surface material samples, for an approval in accordance with the CC&R’s of the association’s general design guidelines.

For more information, download the Property & Homeowner Guide Special Report on Synthetic Grass.

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