Artificial grass remnants are an incredible investment for homeowners and professional contractors seeking to enhance outdoor and indoor living spaces. This article aims to answer all the frequently asked questions about artificial grass remnants people may have. Find the answers to all your remnant-related questions below and the exciting possibilities they offer 

What Is an Artificial Grass Remnant?  

There are often portions remaining on a brand new roll of grass, usually in lengths of 5′-12′. This is known as an artificial grass remnant.

Artificial Grass Leftover On Yard

What Can I Use Artificial Grass Remnants for?

Because remnants vary in size and shape, the applications for these products are endless. In the past, customers have displayed their creativity by using remnants as table runners, mudroom mats, wall art, outdoor chess boards, shoe trays, rugs, coasters, doormats, and pet mats. Larger remnants are perfect for event centerpieces, mini soccer fields, gym areas, roof/deck applications, and mini-putting areas. Find out more about some spectacular DIY (Do It Yourself) remnant projects here or watch our remnant video below! 

Are Remnants Defective? 

No, our remnants are not defective. They are merely leftover pieces of artificial grass that are still in usable condition. Moreover, our artificial grass has been designed to be cut and shaped to cater to customers’ needs. They are derived from artificial grass types that are resistant to UV exposure and extreme weather conditions. Moreover, our artificial grass products last up to twenty-five yearsmeaning under normal circumstances, remnants will provide years of service. Customers can rest assured that the quality and integrity of our artificial grass remnants match that of the larger rolls they are derived from.  

Artificial Grass Roll. Installation in progress.

How Can Artificial Grass Remnants Save Me Money?  

Artificial grass remnants are heavily discounted, usually between 40 – 60% off the retail value. When customers have small or odd-shaped projects, Purchase Green employees will typically recommend remnants over purchasing a new cut off a roll. This helps the customer save more money and the store to clear the warehouse of leftover product.  

Additionally, many stores will regularly run remnant sales, where they discount the grass even further! Follow us on social media or check in with your nearest Purchase Green store to snag these savings for yourself. 

How Can I Purchase Artificial Grass Remnants? 

At Purchase Green, our remnants can be purchased online or in-store. Our online store displays an assortment of remnants at highly discounted rates. If a particular remnant found online does not meet consumers’ needs, we encourage them to visit a local Purchase Green store. Our stores have a more extensive selection of remnants and one of our team members will gladly help customers find the perfect remnant for their projects.  

Are Artificial Grass Remnants Safe for Children and Pets? 

All our artificial grass products are safe for children and pets. For pet owners, we recommend choosing a remnant that is derived from our artificial grass that has been designed for pets, like Pet Heaven or Vista Pet. We also offer Puppy Pads which come provided with disposable pads to ensure the puppy pad remains clean. Furthermore, for parents, we recommend searching for remnants derived from Playscape Pro, one of our anti-static and anti-microbial artificial grasses.  

Two Dogs On Turf

Other Important Considerations About Remnants 

Purchase Green does not ship remnants. All online orders must be picked up at the specific store location that was selling the remnants. For example, if a customer is viewing remnants sold at the Covina, California location, they must visit the Covina store to pick up their order. In addition, remnants are sold as is and do not come with a product warranty. Remnant widths are limited to 15′ wide and 13.1′ wide, depending on the product type.  

Why Choose Purchase Green Artificial Grass Remnants? 

Our goal is to be the premier provider of artificial grass solutions for contractors and residents seeking to redefine living spaces and landscapes. Our remnants are made from the highest quality materials on the market. We stand by our wide selection of products and the quality they exhibit 

Final Thoughts  

Overall, choosing to invest in an artificial grass remnant can prove to be a worthwhile investment. For new customers seeking to experience the tremendous value and utility of artificial grass, remnants serve as the perfect example of what a larger artificial grass installation can offer. Remnants also foster an individual’s creative side by providing limitless use cases. It is easy to start designing something spectacular with our wide range of shapes and sizes. Pet owners will appreciate the benefits of artificial grass remnants for their beloved pets. Parents seeking to enhance their children’s play areas will also benefit from artificial remnants. Overall, there is an artificial remnant for every person. But since each of our remnants are unique, they often sell out fast. So, take advantage of these incredible savings today by shopping at our online remnant store or visiting one of our convenient Purchase Green locations near you.    

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