Artificial grass helps greatly reduce the world’s carbon footprint. When comparing natural grass and artificial grass, artificial grass rises above expectation. Artificial grass saves billions of gallons of water each year. This number only grows with every artificial grass lawn or field installed. Artificial grass significantly eliminates fuel powered lawn maintenance machines such as lawn mowers, aerators, and re-seeders. Synthetic grass eliminates grass clippings, keeping the mess off your sidewalks and your allergies under control. Some artificial grass installations require a rubber infill; this rubber infill usually comes from recycled tires, removing millions of tires from landfill sites each year.
Purchase Green’s grass is 100 percent recyclable. Although Purchase Green’s artificial grass has an average life span of 20 years with proper care and maintenance, all good things must come to an end. On the bright side, the grass is still recyclable and continues to benefit the environment well after its life as a lawn. Artificial grass is most often recycled into new turf and turf backing as well as artificial lumber.

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