Artificial grass has proven to be the superior grass option for lawns and dog runs, but it really begins to shine on playgrounds. First of all, it’s safer. Kids love to play and run around on grass during recess and usually schools have a long list of safety requirements; requirements that real grass couldn’t dream of meeting. That’s where artificial grass comes in handy. At Purchase Green, we have all of our grasses and accessories, safety tested so depending on what your school’s particular requirements are, Purchase Green can suggest the perfect solution. Schools also really love that artificial grass makes for easy wheelchair access because it doesn’t move around or sink the same way that natural sod does. Second, its much cleaner than natural grass. Hello! No Mud! Also, because artificial grass is made from recycled plastic, bacteria has nothing to feed on and therefore hitchhikes to the next field. Insects and spiders don’t like artificial grass for the same reason. Of course, the immeasurable decrease in maintenance has it benefits. Saves the school money on a grounds man, saves money on landscaping supplies, saves money on water. Plain and simple. Artificial grass is always green, always beautiful and always attractive. For those schools or homeowners trying to be eco-friendly, artificial grass is a no brainer! Purchase Green’s grasses are always made from recycled plastics and sustainable products. When you feel like ripping up your lawn, its recyclable then too.

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