Few things are as exciting as the NCAA Tournament Final Four, which gets underway this weekend. At Purchase Green we get pretty excited about artificial grass. At each of our stores we offer a huge variety artificial grass to choose from. To help you decide which is right for you, we created a March Madness-style bracket.

Like most of us who fill out March Madness brackets, you might not think you know enough about each grass to pick the one that’s right for you. That’s why below you’ll find our 2016 Scouting Report! Of course, we’d recommend you come visit your local Purchase Green store to get even more information – but this should help get you started!

Artificial Grass March Madness Scouting Report

PG 40
Solid performer, looks good, great value

PG 56
Real, natural look. Terrific balance

PG 70
Ideal balance, taller, stronger, thicker. Great upside

Eco Olive 60
American newcomer, repels high heat, durable

Eco Olive 80
All-around excellent American entry, stays cooler than most

Eco Spring 60
American entrant, avoids trapping heat, looks really natural

Spring Fescue 65
Rookie that brings the best qualities of many other veterans

Spring Fescue 83
Another rookie with top-notch performance, great memory

Spring Plush Platinum
Veteran, upper-classman with great aesthetic and softness

California Pro
One-of-a-kind fan favorite, unbelievable look and feel

Southwestern Sod Light
A southwest original with tremendous value

Southwestern Sod
Truly natural look and feel, great for most situations

Southwestern Sod Sport
Terrific performer, excels in agility training, soccer arenas, batting cages and golf

Vista 70
In third season, exceptional blend of aesthetics and performance

Vista Natural 65
Durable with great memory, high-quality, really a natural

Vista Natural 80
One of the all-time best looking prospects, super durable

Vista Sport/Pet
Exceptional blend of balance, aesthetics and multi-sport performance

Nature’s Sod Light
Really tremendous mid-grade product suitable for many roles

Nature’s Sod
Offers ideal balance of realism, fullness, and value

Nature’s Sod Plush
Thinner, softer with a great look and memory

Nature’s Sod 80
Great feel, high-end product, withstands heavy use

Nature’s Sod 90
Premium look with very attractive value

Nature’s Sod Premier
Top-of-the-line, exceptional in virtually all aspects

Spring Rye
Good value contender, handles lighter duties well

Spring Rye Pro
Mid-grade option with natural look, good for medium duty

Premier Putting Green 1/2″ – Olive Bi Color
Amazing product, exceptional golf attributes at all stages

Premier Putting Green 3/4″ – Olive Bi Color
True natural performer, nothing else compares

Premier Putting Green Emerald
One of the top performers around, durable, looks great

Premier offering, FIFA-certified, superior performance

Great longevity and performance, FIFA-certified

FIFA 1 STAR – Thiolon 40mm
Outstanding, FIFA-certified value performer

FIFA 1 STAR – Thiolon 60mm
Higher-end performer with terrific capability, FIFA-certified