There are lots of choices to make when it comes to artificial grass. Color, blade shape, blade height, density, Cool Yarn… at Purchase Green we give you a bunch of options so you can choose the perfect grass for you. Another choice you’ll need to consider is which installation method you prefer – basic or premium. Even if you decide to do-it-yourself, you’ll still want to know the difference.

Generally speaking, artificial grass is always installed the same way – namely atop a well-excavated project area that has been back-filled with a compacted sub-base. The difference between a premium installation and a basic installation concerns one key factor – sub-grade Bend-a-Board.

Figure 1: Basic Installation

In a basic installation, as seen in Figure 1, the artificial grass is simply nailed to the sub-base. In most installations, you would secure the turf by using 5-inch, non-galvanized nails every 3-6 inches around the perimeter, about a half-inch away from the project edge, as well as every 3 square feet within the interior. This would be followed by the application of infill – typically 1-3 lbs per square foot depending on your project goals.

In a premium installation, a special product called sub-grade Bend-a-Board is used. Bend-a-Board is a flexible framing material that is used not only to create unique lawn shapes but also to better secure the artificial grass – hence the “premium” designation. It takes more material and more work to install Bend-a-Board but the result is a better overall installation.

Figure 2: Premium Installation


As shown in Figure 2, everything you would find in a basic installation is included in a premium installation. But in the premium installation, we see the addition of the Bend-a-Board, which is secured using perimeter stakes. The advantage as far as securing the grass goes is that the grass edges can be attached to the Bend-a-Board using a pneumatic staple gun. This process provides exceptional dimensional stability and significantly reduces the potential for wrinkles to appear in the grass. Added benefits of the Bend-a-Board are that it allows the edges of the grass to be tucked. As you lay the Bend-a-Board around the entire perimeter you’ll want to leave a quarter-inch gap between your hard edge and the Bend-a-Board itself. You’ll tuck the grass edges into that gap. This tucking produces a very natural, realistic look as the grass appears to cascade – ever so slightly – over the edge, just as a natural grass lawn would.

So whether you’re doing it yourself or you opted for a turnkey installation, now you know the difference between a basic installation and a premium installation. A basic installation will look good and perform well. A premium installation will look and perform better. Be sure to think about these two methods when planning your artificial grass project.

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