Are you considering making improvements to your garden by adding artificial grass to it? It is the best thing you can do to enhance your garden and transform the outdoor space. You will notice that installing artificial grass for small garden spaces helps save your time and money while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Fun Artificial Grass Ideas to Transform Your Garden

Have a look at these artificial grass ideas that you can make use of when making the switch to artificial turf.

Open Spaces


For small, square-shaped gardens, instead of filling the entire garden with plants and flowers, keep a clean, open garden space with artificial grass. This will help make the area appear bigger. To liven it up, you can introduce edging, planted borders, flowerbeds and paved slabs.


Breaking up your artificial garden into segments using pathways is a fun way to enrich your space. Use the pathway to lead to creative sections such as a sitting area and a barbecue or cooking space that will help you create a warm, welcoming environment.

Height Zones

Creating different height zones will help add character to your artificial garden space. Add patios or decking areas that you can use for outdoor dining and hosting fun parties. You can also introduce terraced flower beds with the help of bricks or stones, using artificial grass borders.

Decorative Elements

You can use decorative elements such as sculptures and pots that will give your artificial garden different focal points and keep it interesting. This way, your garden becomes a place unique to your taste and liking and a space you can utilize to express the inner artist in you.

Play Area for Kids

How about turning your garden into a playground for kids? Artificial grass provides a safe surface that kids can play on. It is soft, durable, clean and will provide the cushioning needed to prevent injuries. For added protection, you can install our Shock Pad that provides a great shock absorption rate of 40%.

Why Artificial Grass?

Garden maintenance takes up a lot of time which we don’t have. According to a poll, 41% of Americans say they don’t have time to focus on household chores and yard work.

Meanwhile, the average American family consumes 30% of water in outdoor usage. Think practically: the time, resources and money spent in watering, fertilizing and mowing the garden can be saved when you invest in artificial turf.

At Purchase Green, we transform landscapes for our customers to help put money back in their wallets and time back on their calendars. And along the way, we help save water and energy.

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