When people stop by one of our showrooms they’re often pleasantly surprised with the sheer number of artificial grass choices they encounter. At Purchase Green we carry over two dozen varieties of grasses just for landscape purposes. It’s one of the great things about being in this business – we’re really able to wow people with our grasses and help them find a variety that suits their needs.

That’s the reason we carry so many different kinds of artificial grass. Everyone has his or her own reason for wanting to install artificial grass. Sure, most of us share a common desire to dramatically reduce our water consumption, save money and have a great-looking lawn all year round. But for some people, certain attributes – such as color, texture or realism – are more important than others.

So let’s take a look at an attribute people often ask us about – which grasses are the best for high-traffic usage.

Fiber Fundamentals

There are two primary things to look for if you want a durable, high-performance grass. First is the backing system. At Purchase Green our grasses feature our industry-leading triple-layer backing system. It’s awesome and it means that our backing systems are thicker, more stable and last longer than the backing systems offered by our competitors. It’s also why our warranty is 25 percent longer than most alternatives.

So, since all Purchase Green grasses have the best backing system, let’s look at the artificial grass fibers. The fibers are the secret to the durability and performance of a particular grass.

Vista Natural 80 August 2015Our Vista Line is probably your best choice for pure performance. The Vista line was introduced at the beginning of 2014. It blends a number of popular features found in our other product lines into a commercial-grade, highly-durable, shine-free product. The Vista line is made with a premium V-shaped fiber that offers outstanding memory. With the proper amount of infill, the Vista Line is a highly-durable grass that can handle significant foot traffic with ease.

With the Vista Line you are trading softness for performance. But while not as soft as other grasses, the Vista Line looks incredibly natural.

Almost as tough but quite a bit softer is Nature’s Sod Premier. This is an exceptional artificial grass featuring flat fibers. Look closely, however, and you’ll notice a stem running the length of each fiber. This stem enhances performance and durability. Nature’s Sod Premier is a beautiful, olive green grass with brown thatch that yields a very realistic look. It is soft to the touch and is designed to be a tremendous, high-end product for heavy use applications.

Nature’s Sod Premier is at the high end of the price spectrum. While more expensive than most, it is among the finest artificial grasses you will find.

Southwestern Sod Sport is another excellent choice for high-traffic applications. It is an olive, bi-color artificial grass product specifically designed for sporting and pet applications. It’s great for playgrounds, putting green fringes, batting cages and, yes, even landscaping. Southwestern Sod Sport features a low pile height that yields a very dense artificial grass perfect for being played on.

Eco Spring 60-CoolYarnOur Eco Line is one our newest products. We introduced it in June of 2015. What makes it so special is that it utilizes “cool yarn” technology in its C-shaped fiber. The C-shape, like the V-shape found in the Vista Line, makes the fibers strong and resilient.

The Eco Line is an excellent, high-quality medium-traffic product designed for the customer that wants a durable, natural-looking grass that emphasizes temperature-controlled fibers.

Now we’re starting to move toward lighter-traffic grasses that are designed for aesthetics and texture over performance. However, we’re not quite there yet. Purchase Green offers several grasses that are a great combination of performance, aesthetics and value. Our PG 70 and Spring Rye Pro are perfect examples.

PG 70 is one of the best values on the market – a tremendous balance of performance, aesthetics and price. It is designed for the residential homeowner looking for a beautiful, plush, artificial grass solution and is an excellent choice for medium traffic areas.

Similarly, Spring Rye PRO is a realistic, bi-color olive grass with an all green thatch. This artificial grass is perfect for medium traffic and is an excellent mid-grade choice for any yard or pool area. Spring Rye PRO is durable, hides wear patterns well, and its olive green hues give it a very natural look.

Next Steps

Of course, the best way to discover which grass is best for you is to see for yourself. Come visit your local Purchase Green store. There you can see and feel all of our different grasses. And, our expert staff will be happy to help you and answer any questions you might have. You can also request to have free samples delivered to your door!

If you’d like to learn more about grass fibers and the attributes each different blade shape, check out our recent video.