Homeowners already love artificial grass as an alternative to traditional lawns for its great performance, sustainability, and year-round luster–but the truth is that the applications for artificial grass are far more varied.

Home bloggers, decorators, and landscapers have started to think outside the box (or yard, as the case may be) to come up with some truly novel applications for the tough, yet pliable, turf.

Purchase Green artificial turf comes with an lifetime warranty, allowing people creative space to try out some of the following suggested uses of synthetic grass, beyond replacing their lawns.

Patio Furniture

The soft-yet-sturdy nature of synthetic grass makes it ideal as a covering for patio furniture. Companies like Hello Poppy in the UK and AFR Event Furnishings in the US offer hand-crafted patio pieces covered in artificial turf for a quirky look and feel.

The furniture, like the grass itself, is UV-protected, flame-retardant, water-resistant, and self-cleaning. It adds a funky touch to outdoor decor, giving the feeling of natural upholstery without the required mess or maintenance of real turf.

Another clever patio option is to have the artificial turf serve as a permeable break between flagstones. This is ideal for using the trimmings of larger pieces of turf that might otherwise be discarded.

Deck Decor

One of the most innovative uses of artificial grass happens when the turf functions like a rug to give decks and patios a naturalistic touch. For homeowners with small or nonexistent yards, covering a deck in artificial grass can cultivate a more rustic environment, without the need to water anything.

These deck additions have taken root in cities like New York and San Francisco, and can often be easily installed by hand. Simply purchase the amount of grass you need, unroll it on your deck, and trim the extra with a pair of scissors.

In no time, your deck is ready for barefoot entertaining. The weight of artificial grass allows it to lay on the deck with minimal shifting, although nails may be required for it be be fully secured.

Pup Paradise

Dogs love the feel of grass under their paws–and artificial grass can be just the trick for making your four-legged friend happy. Resilient enough to endure rough-housing but easy to clean and install, a synthetic turf pet area will give your dog the experience of the great outdoors. Simply fence off an area of your yard (or deck for smaller apartment dogs) and let him go to town.

Whether it’s a lawn replacement or another quirky application, the possibilities for artificial grass are virtually endless. All it takes is a little creativity, gumption, and high-quality synthetic grass like that offered by Purchase Green.