As regulations prevent some places from doing business indoors, restaurants, gyms, and other shops have adapted to temporary outdoor spaces. We’ve seen outdoor dining areas pop up all over the place, and we have a tip for making those impromptu spaces as inviting as possible.
Covering hot, boring pavement with artificial grass gives a welcoming feel and fills a dull space with lively color.



We’ve been hard at work providing a few different grasses for temporary installation. We have a few grasses that are perfect for these kinds of temporary outdoor areas. 


Ground Cover (As low as $0.99/sq.ft.)

Purchase Green’s Ground Cover Artificial Lawn Grass is specifically designed for light traffic artificial grass applications. The value is incredible – it will provide green covering in a brand new product at pricing of used artificial grass. Looking for an excellent looking artificial grass lawn solution that also is gentle on the wallet? Ground Cover is for you. This makes it the perfect option for any temporary, outdoor solution!

Zoysia (As low as $1.70/sq.ft.)

Zoysia is an excellent, high quality, very natural-looking artificial grass. It is a durable, delustered, temperature-controlled artificial grass – offered at an industry best price. Zoysia’s durability makes it a great choice for any outdoor gyms, training facilities or dining areas expecting to see heavy traffic.

Bluegrass Light (As low as $1.70/sq.ft.)

For Bluegrass Light, there is not a better grass on the market for the price. The C-shaped blade is designed to offer superior memory – a key characteristic for this 1.5″, 48 oz face weight product. Again, a fantastic option for any temporary training facility or high-traffic area.Because restrictions vary from state-to-state, county-to-county, and city-to-city, it’s important to follow your local guidelines for conducting business. Contact your local Purchase Green for more information on temporary artificial grass installations to see how you can improve your business’s outdoor areas.