We get a lot of questions about how artificial grass should be treated. So we’ve compiled a list of things that you definitely should and should not do with your artificial grass. Concise and convenient, just for you.


  • Leave or use plastic pools on the grass
  • Cover grass with tarps
  • Use barbeques or grills on your grass
  • Use firepits on your grass
  • Leave metal tools on your grass
  • Place recently used power tools or tools with engines on your grass
  • Place glass tables on your grass
  • Place hot pans or dishes on your grass
  • Use metal rakes on your grass
  • Set off fireworks on your grass


  • Check for highly reflective surfaces, including metal flashing and Low-E windows, before you install your grass. Such surfaces can bounce intense heat back onto your grass and can cause localized melting.
  • Give your grass a quick rinse at least once a month to take care of smaller debris and dust
  • Use a flexible lawn rake to clean larger debris off of your grass
  • Give your grass periodic deep cleaning to reduce bacteria and odor build-up on your grass. We recommend using Turf Bomb to sanitize and target odors.
  • Enjoy your artificial grass!

Following these quick and easy do’s and don’ts will keep your grass from getting damaged and will have it lasting for years to come.

If you have questions about why you should or shouldn’t do these things, feel free to reach out to one of our artificial grass experts! We’re always happy to help!