What happens when you mix artificial grass and snow?

On the week of Thanksgiving, we in Southern California got hammered with several inches of snow. Of course, we’re sure you’re laughing at us for thinking a few inches of snow is bad, and we’re also sure you got way more snow wherever you live. Consider, though, how unprepared we are for such a calamity! We almost never get snow, and if snow does fall, it’s always over the mountains and far away. We don’t have any plows or snow blowers or even snow shovels. Major roads were closed, whole neighborhoods shut off from the world. Naturally, this apocalyptic event got us thinking about the questions our snowed-in customers might have about what happens when you mix artificial grass and snow.

So, to get the facts, we turned to our Denver store territory holder, Courtney.

Courtney is a true turf expert, serving homeowners, contractors, home builders, and DIYers in the Denver area for the last 3 years. Here’s what she told us about the effects of snow on artificial turf.

Are cold temperatures and ice bad for artificial turf? Can it shrink or become brittle?

Cold temps should not affect your artificial turf. If installed properly, the contraction and expansion that comes with changes in weather shouldn’t be an issue. If the turf is installed when it is very cold, you may see some problems with contraction and expansion.

Can heavy snow damage turf?

Nope, we’ve never known that to happen.

How should snow be removed from turf? Will shoveling damage the blades?

Do not shovel as it can damage your grass and is NOT covered by your warranty. Just let the snow melt from your artificial turf as you would from a sodded yard.

Don’t shovel the snow off your turf

Are some types of turf better for winter weather than others?

Certain blade shapes will stand up better in general and that will help with matting from the snow. We would suggest brooming or raking your turf in the spring to help the blades stand upright again. 

Any additional tips?

If you are using artificial turf in your front yard, consider putting a 1′ border of rock or mulch along an area that you intend to keep clear of snow. That way while you are shoveling or plowing snow you lessen the risk of damaging your yard.

In conclusion…

So, to recap, install your turf carefully and correctly, don’t shovel the snow off, and don’t worry! Your Purchase Green turf can handle the worst of winter and remain a high-performing, cost-effective, beautiful landscape for years.

Got questions? Give us a call or visit your local store and one of our turf experts will be happy to help!

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